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This Bride Lost 3 Stone in 12 Weeks with the Wedding Dress Diet Plan

2nd December 2015 |By | 2 Comments

Weight loss success stories from The Wedding Dress Diet Plan including the bride who lost 3 stone in 12 weeks with this fast-acting diet of simple healthy filling food that keeps you feeling fuller longer. Here’s how the wedding dress diet could help you achieve your wedding day weight goals.

Wedding Weight Loss Plan |

Image courtesy of The Wedding Weight Loss Plan

Nicky lost a colossal 3 stone in 12 weeks, going from 11.8 stone to a happy, confident and petite bride. This diet is available in e-book form, and could offer the answer for many brides-to-be.

Nicky’s Story

“It was February 2011 and I had just booked my October wedding in Cyprus. I distinctly remember looking in the mirror and feeling utterly down and depressed,” says Nicky. “It was going to be one of the most important days of my life and yet I was worried about what I was going to look like.”

Finding  the dress

I had set my heart on wearing a short fitted dress. “After hours and hours of research and visiting lots of wedding shops I finally found the perfect dress. However, I only just fit into a size 14-16. I was horrified – I was literally hanging over the top of the dress. I felt very unhappy and unconfident. This certainly wasn’t what I had envisaged. When I left the wedding dress shop that day I told the owner of the shop: ‘I’m going to be a size 10 when I come back for my fitting in three months’.”

She gave me her best ‘heard it all before’ smile, but it only motivated me even more. I was going to lose the weight. I just needed the perfect diet plan,” said Nicky. “I researched lots of diets online but I didn’t find one that suited my busy lifestyle, especially working full time with a young child. To be honest, I was getting quite confused with all the information that was out there. I was getting more and more depressed about my weight and couldn’t decide which diet plan to follow.”

The answer

Nicky created her own plan that would work for her. “The time had come, I was ready to challenge myself and diet like I had never done before following my own simple rules, which I felt sure would work.” She bought herself a blank notebook to use as a food and weight diary and wrote the date and start weight to one side, then listed every food item and calorific value consumed each day. “I also invested in some scales that showed quarter and half pounds and monitored my weight daily.”

The Results

“Each and every day I was losing weight. Let me tell you, this was a big motivator for me. Staggeringly, after just seven days I’d lost 9lb. Now I knew this was the real deal. I had the right mind set to continue and, most importantly, the belief I could achieve my goal.”
After just 12 weeks Nicky had lost 3 stone. “I remember walking back into the wedding dress shop and the owner was astounded; she could not believe the amount of weight that I had lost in such a short period of time. My dress went from a size UK 14-16 to a size UK 8-10 in just 12 weeks. I was finally happy with my image, no hiding from cameras, brimming with confidence I could just enjoy my day.”

With friends clamouring for her secrets, and with the confirmation of its ability to work for others in their weight-loss success, Nicky decided to go public with a 12-week diet plan. In tribute to how sure she is that it will work, a full money back guarantee is offered if you’re not entirely satisfied.

What is The Wedding Dress Diet Plan?

The Wedding Dress Diet is a complete 12-week plan with recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is designed to be easy to stick to.
The diet is a mixture of low-carb days and high-carb days but, most importantly, no shakes and no diet pills. The diet involves healthy and nutritious food that will help to fill you up throughout the day. All the foods on this diet can be bought locally from your supermarket.

The diet is low calorie but shows you how to use foods throughout the day to keep you fuller for longer and also allows you to enjoy tasty wholesome foods. To boost your will power and to help you get in to the dieting zone, the diet is structured so you see results very quickly.

The 12-week personal diary and tracker will also help to keep you on track and keep you motivated. As with all diets you need treats for your hard work. This diet shows you how to do this without gaining the weight you have lost. This diet plan allows you a Saturday night treat and even shows you how you can enjoy an intense chocolate hit without the guilt.

The Wedding Weight Loss Plan |

Image courtesy of The Wedding Weight Loss Plan

Jenna’s story

It’s likely to be the only day in your life when you’ll feel like a celebrity: the hair, the make-up, the expensive dress, the photographer, the audience… and with compliments pouring in, that’s exactly how Jenna Holmes from Bognor Regis, West Sussex, felt in her size 12 dress.

She had lost more than three-and-a-half stone for her big day. “Lots of people asked how I’d done it – it’s all down to the plan,” she explains, in reference to The Wedding Dress Diet Plan. “My heaviest last year was 15 stone 2 lbs and a size 18/20. When I got married I was 11 stone 6lbs and a size 12. I was so happy and proud of myself.”

Choosing the Plan

The big attraction to Jenna was how easily the plan fitted into her busy everyday life. “As a mother of one I am constantly on the go. But the Wedding Dress Diet Plan was so easy – I was cooking delicious healthy meals that were within the boundaries of the diet while still satisfying my child and partner.” It’s the 12-week diet plan that’s easy to follow and packed full of healthy and nutritious meal ideas.

“I had been through years of yo-yo dieting but was stuck at 14 stone 10lbs and a dress size 18 with one year to go until my wedding. I knew I wanted to lose weight to fulfil my childhood dream of wearing the ultimate fairytale dress,” she explains. “But my willpower and confidence was at rock bottom. I came across this and decided to give it a go. The founders, Nicky and Rachel, were real people like me, and the plan looked simple and easy to follow.”

Initial results

Jenna started the plan and lost 4lbs in the first two days. “I couldn’t believe how quickly I was seeing results,” she said. “It instantly boosted my willpower and gave me the self-belief to keep on going. “The weight kept falling off – after four weeks I had lost a stone. Dress sizes fell away and I was delighted to get into a size 12 after the full 12 weeks of the plan. Going out and buying a new wardrobe was so exciting – I was buying clothes that showed off my shape and made me feel good about myself.”

Special Offer for Confetti Brides

12 Week Plan Now HALF Price £9.99 and includes:

  • 70-page diet system emailed direct to your inbox.
  • A simple step by step guide to the 12-week diet plan.
  • List of ideal foods suitable for this diet.
  • All foods can be bought from your local supermarket (no expensive health foods).
  •  A sample seven-day meal planner.
  • Simple recipe examples to follow with a busy lifestyle.
  • A personalised daily diary and tracker for you to fill in every day of the 12 week plan.
  • Tips for weight loss and how to get an amazing complexion.
  • Foods to help boost your diet.
  • Motivational tips to get you in the right frame of mind
  • Personal success stories.

To find out more please visit Weight Loss For Your Wedding and look forward to wearing the wedding dress of your dreams.

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