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Bridal Perfume – Gorgeous Scents For Your Wedding Day

13th October 2012 |By | 1 Comment

As with many other things, bridal perfume gains particular significance on your wedding day. All women love perfume – but what to choose for that one special day? Should you go for something completely different than your everyday brand? Or wear your usual scent, but as perfume instead of eau de toilette? If you buy a new one, will you ever wear it again? Should you spend a lot on designer perfume, or simply buy anything that’s different to what you wear every day? As with most things related to your wedding – first and foremost, what you like is what counts the most.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel Perfume

Image courtesy of Pictures in Pixels

Something old, or something new?

Most brides want to wear something special on their wedding day – after all, it’s the day when they actually look most special, in their dream gown, beautiful hair and makeup, new shoes and jewellery… It’s a day where looks really matter – and for some, this day deserves a brand new scent. Something fresh, maybe even unexpected, something that will evoke the memories of that day for the rest of her – and his! – life. Before deciding anything, have an excursion to the shops and do some browsing. You will likely have lots to choose from, as new brands and scents appear on the market all the time. Keep two things in mind – your budget, and your time. Budget for obvious reasons, and time because you can only test just a few perfumes before you lose your own sense of scent, and you’ll need a break. So have a browse, spray a few scents on your skin, collect as many testers as you can, and don’t make any rash decisions – you can always come back to the shop the next day, or browse online for better prices.

Spray the perfume on your skin (it never smells the same on those little paper strips – only your body heat will bring out the true scent), and leave for a length of time, for example an hour, then smell it again. It could now be a completely different scent than the one freshly sprayed from the bottle. You’ll have to wear it all day on your wedding day after all, so see how you feel about it after a few hours pass – is it still as enchanting, or do you not like it as much? If not, then it’s back to the shop to try your second favourite.

Bridal Perfume

Images, from left to right: Lola by Marc Jacobs, Orange Blossom by Jo Malone, Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood, Lovestruck by Vera Wang

After you’ve worn and tested a few new scents, you’ll be able to decide whether you’ll stick to your usual perfume, or whether you want something completely new for your wedding day.

The final decision on what scent to choose, even if you ask your mum’s or chief bridesmaid’s opinion, is yours alone. Perfume is a very personal thing, so YOU have to like it, no matter what the others think. If you decide you want to wear your usual scent, but stronger, then get it in a body lotion, shower gel or bath oil. The night before your wedding have a bath with the oil, then use the lotion to moisturise all over, and on the morning of your wedding have another bath or shower and then put on the perfume – the scent will linger for much longer when it’s layered. The same applies to your new scent as well – if you can, buy the lotions and bath oils to layer it for long lasting results.

Some brides advise lightly spraying your wedding gown too, so the scent is always floating softly around you – but be careful not to over-do it! “Lightly” really means lightly, and only on the underlayers of your wedding gown – never on top!

What to buy?

Strong favourites emerge in the perfume market every year, especially with the many new celebrity fragrances. We find, however, that brides tend to choose classic and reputable brands over fad celebrity scents – perhaps it sounds a bit strange to tell anyone who asks, “I’m wearing Britney Spears”? You will probably agree that “I’m wearing Chanel No 5” has a completely different ring to it!

Here are some of the favourite perfumes recommended by the real brides on the Confetti forum:

Orange Blossom and Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone
Fresh Blossom and Pink Macaroon by DKNY
Lola and Daisy by Marc Jacobs
Lovestruck and Princess Night by Vera Wang
Chanel No 5 and Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel
Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood
Femme Totale by Dita Von Teese
Beauty by Calvin Klein
Marry Me by Lanvin

If you buy a brand new perfume for your wedding day, the memory will forever remain in the scent. You can then wear it for special occasions – like your anniversaries, or your first Christmas together, or any other very personal occasions on your life’s journey together. The photographs, the gifts, and maybe even your first dance song will forever remind you of your wedding, but your perfume has the power to truly and magically take you back to that most memorable of days.

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  1. I Do Wedding

    Some really good advice here, and a lovely list of our favourite scents!

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