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Hen Party Games Your Girls Will Love

4th April 2016 |By | Be the first to comment

After all the hard work planning the wedding it is time for the bride and her favourite girls to let down their hair and have a bit of fun before the bride-to-be becomes a Mrs! The hen party is the perfect opportunity to do this, so we have come up with four fabulous hen party games your girls will love including all the important components  – cocktails, friendship and the perfect man. These fun, hilarious and sentimental games will leave you crying with laughter and will make a hen party you’ll never forget!

Guess Who – Celebrity Fiance

The Aim of the Game: To guess the name of your celebrity fiance!

How to Play: Everyone writes the name of a celebrity on a post-it note and then places it on the forehead of another person (without that person seeing what you’ve written). Sit in a circle and then take turns asking the group a question about your celebrity fiance. For example ‘Is he an actor?’ or ‘Does he have brown hair?’ For every ‘no’ you get you have to take a sip of your drink. The first person to guess their celebrity fiance is the winner.

Guess Who Celebrity Fiance

Cocktail Tasting

The Aim of the Game: To guess the cocktail!

How to Play: Make a range of cocktails and take turns blind folding each person and getting them to take a sip of each one. They have to then write down what they think it was. The person that gets the most right wins a bottle of booze!

Cocktail Tasting Hen Party Game |

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Your Perfect Man

The Aim of the Game: To find out what your dream man is like and how your life will be with him.

How to Play: Everyone has to write the numbers 1 to 13 down the side of the page and alongside each number they have to write the following:

  1. a place 
  2. a colour 
  3. a number between 1 and 15 
  4. a country 
  5. a size (tiny, medium, huge etc) 
  6. a number between 1 and 50 
  7. a wild animal 
  8. a number between 1 and 20 
  9. a cartoon character 
  10. an nauseatingly cute name (snuggle bunny etc) 
  11. a vegetable 
  12. a TV show 
  13.  an emotion (happy, sad, angry etc) 

Then get each person to read through the story below filling in their answer next to the numbers. You’ll be sure to be crying with laughter by the end of it!

I met my perfect man at (1)
His hair colour is (2)
He is (3) feet tall
He is from (4)
His bum is (5)
His willy would have to be (6) inches long
In bed he is a (7)
We will have (8) children
My man’s name is (9)
His pet name for me is (10)
We will spend our lives living in a giant (11)
We will earn our money having sex live on (12)
We will grow old together feeling (13)


Post-it Note Memories

The Aim of the Game: The bride has to guess which memory is from which friend

How to Play: Each of the bride’s friends has to write down a memory they have with the bride. Once they have done this they have to fold up the paper and put it in the bowl. The bride then has to pull out a post it note, read it out loud and guess who wrote it. The funnier the memory the better!

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Lucy has a degree in fashion design and 12 years experience in the fashion industry, including 3 and a half years as the manager of a bridal boutique. She loves to hear every little detail about a bride's wedding plans and it is no surprise that the first thing she wants to know is what they're wearing!

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