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Honeymoon destinations

6th June 2006 |By | Be the first to comment

If you’re looking for basic information such as flight times and climate, browse through our suggestions and choose your dream honeymoon destination.

About Australia

  • flight time from UK: approx. 20.5 hours
  • best time to travel: July ‐‐ Dec

Australia excels as a destination with its vibrant, cities, spectacular beaches, fascinating wildlife, ancient rainforests, huge natural wonders and superb gourmet food and wine!

About Kenya

  • flight time to Kenya from UK: approx. 9 hours
  • best time to travel: Aug ‐‐ March

Whether you choose a beach or a safari, or combine the two you won’t be disappointed.

About Cyprus

  • flight time to Cyprus from UK: approx. 4 hours
  • best time to travel: year round, hottest in May‐Aug

Sun‐kissed beaches and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean make this a great choice relatively close to home.

About Thailand

  • flight time to Thailand from UK: approx. 11 hours
  • best time to travel: Nov ‐‐ Apr

A tropical climate, sun‐drenched beaches, breathtaking scenery and cosmopolitan cities.

About Mexico

  • flight time to Mexico from UK: approx. 11 hours
  • best time to travel: Nov ‐‐ Jun

A colurful country with tropical rainforests, white sand beaches and relics from the ancient Mayan civilisations.

About Fiji

  • flight time to Fiji from UK: approx. 22 hours
  • best time to travel: May ‐‐ Sep

Amazing white sands and coral coasts leading up to lush tropical rainforests ‐‐ paradise islands.

About the Caribbean

  • flight time to the Caribbean from UK: approx. 9.5 hours
  • best time to travel: Nov ‐‐ Apr

Imagine glorious beaches and red sunsets in the backdrop while listening to the laid‐back beat of reggae.

About Lapland

  • flight time to Lapland from UK: approx. 4.5 hours
  • best time to travel: May ‐‐ Nov


A magical region inside the Arctic Circle where you can play in the snow, listen to traditional folklore and meet Santa.

About Mauritius

  • flight time to Mauritius from UK: approx. 12 hours
  • best time to travel: May ‐‐ Nov


Idyllic beaches and stunning locations can be found on this beautiful island.

About Italy

  • flight time to Italy from UK: approx. 3.5 hours
  • best time to travel: Apr ‐‐ Sep


Choose from the fairytale beauty of the Italian lakes, the Neapolitan coastline or the romantic cities.

About Hawaii

  • flight time to Hawaii from UK: approx. 17.5 hours
  • best time to travel: Feb ‐‐ Nov


A variety of islands to visit each offering their own unique flavour of Hawaii.

About the Sychelles

  • flight time to Seychelles from UK: approx. 11 hours
  • best time to travel: May ‐‐ Sep

A selection of jewel‐like islands scattered in the Indian Ocean, each fringed with white sandy beaches

About Malta

  • flight time to Malta from UK: approx. 3.5 hours
  • best time to travel: year‐round

A historical country basking in year‐round sunshine, with stunning seaviews providing dramatic backdrops.

About the Bahamas

  • flight time to Bahamas from UK: approx. 10 hours
  • best time to travel: Nov ‐‐ Apr

Azure waters and sun‐kissed pink sands are just some of the highlights of these popular islands.

About New York

  • flight time to New York from UK: approx. 8.5 hours
  • best time to travel: year round, hottest in May ‐‐ Sep

Visit the Big Apple and enjoy fabulous shopping, nightlife, culture and romantic strolls in Central Park.

About Las Vegas

  • flight time to Las Vegas from UK: approx. 12 hours
  • best time to travel: year round 

The entertainment capital of the world with something for everyone: super‐casinos and breathtaking scenery nearby.


Approx. flight time from the UK

Best time to travel

Brief description



Nov ‐ Apr

Imagine glorious beaches and red sunsets as background while listening to the laid‐back beat of reggae

Cayman Islands


Dec ‐ Apr

Incredible beaches and turquoise waters makes these islands one of the world’s top dive sites

Turks and Caicos


Dec ‐ Aug

Unspoilt islands with idyllic white sand beaches surrounded by coral reefs, perfect for sun worshippers



Jan ‐ Mar / Jun ‐Jul

A variety of islands within the Bahamas offering luxury, traditional charm and glorious beaches



Dec ‐Apr

This island is said to have a beach for every day of the year ‐‐

one of the Caribbean’s unspoilt gems

St Kitts


Jan ‐ Jun

A charming island off the beaten track where you can discover ancient forts, fantastic marine life and beaches

St Lucia


Jan ‐ May

A lush island where you can explore volcanoes and rainforests or just relax on one of the many tranquil beaches



Jan ‐ May

Known as the ‘Little England’ of the Caribbean, Barbados is laden with golden beaches, tranquil waters and luxury



Jan ‐ Apr

The most picturesque island in the Caribbean with idyllic landscapes, lush rainforests and secluded beaches



Jan ‐ Apr

A relaxed and informal island with palm‐fringed beaches leading on to golden sands

Dominican Republic


Dec ‐ Apr

This country has stunning scenery, exotic wildlife and wide sandy beaches fringed with coconut palms



Feb ‐ Sep

This tiny island has amazing beaches, luxury resorts with pampering spas, and stunning scenery



Jan ‐ Apr

A tropical island with a cultural mix of Latin and Caribbean culture, and a year round tropical climate



Nov ‐ Apr

A diverse and beautiful country with natural beach resorts contrasting with the colonial capital of Havana



Year round

An incredible country where you can discover ancient civilisations and stunning scenery

Costa Rica


Dec ‐ Apr

Perfect for nature lovers, Costa Rica has stunning national parks and white sand tropical beaches



Apr ‐ Oct

You’ll discover the beauty of this magnificent country with colonial towns, natural landscapes and spectacular scenery



May ‐ Oct

A vibrant and colourful country with contemporary cities intermingled with rainforests and turquoise waters



Dec ‐Apr

Be prepared to be charmed by this delightful country from its urban cities to lush rainforests leading to white sand beaches



Dec ‐ Apr

An intimate and romantic tropical paradise on any one of these exotic islands, all surrounded by crystal clear waters



Oct ‐ Jun

A country of incredible contrasts crammed with historical buildings, temples, rainforests and beautiful coastline



Nov ‐ May

Glorious palm‐fringed beaches and a vibrant mix of Indian and Christian cultures, backed by tropical landscapes

South Africa


Year round

A stunning country with a variety of attractions, from endless beaches and stylish cities, to spectacular mountains, wine areas and enormous safari parks



Year round

Stunning ancient sites, including the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, with the beautiful beaches of the Red Sea easily accessible



Year round

A fascinating country with traditional souks and endless shopping opportunities, vast deserts and stunning beaches



Nov ‐ Mar

A diverse country with an enchanting culture, beautiful scenery, excellent food and idyllic beaches



Dec ‐ Apr

A country of many choices, with interesting cities, stunning beaches and wild tropical jungle



Jul ‐ Nov

A paradise found in the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean, with friendly locals and traditional island charms

Hong Kong


Nov ‐ Mar

A bustling city where Eastern culture clashes with Western capitalism, with fabulous shopping and cuisine



Feb ‐ Sep

A city of contrasts where you can travel by rickshaw while staying in towering skyscrapers and enjoying a variety of cultures



Sep ‐ Apr

Combine ancient civilisations and cultures with ultra‐modern cities and stunning countryside ‐‐ a true adventure

New Zealand


Year round

An unspoilt country with an abundance of stunning scenery and excellent food and wine

Cook Islands


May ‐ Oct

A peaceful retreat with a relaxed and informal atmosphere and perfect beaches surrounded by turquoise waters



Jun ‐ Oct

The ultimate tropical paradise with its stunning natural beauty, colourful markets and wonderful hotels



Year round

Choose between country living, elegant cities or the sophisticated south coast, with superb cuisine



Year round

Vibrant cultural cities, golden sandy beaches or islands steeped in history, and plenty of fiestas



May ‐ Sept

A rich blend of ancient sites, laid‐back islands, beautiful beaches and gorgeous sunshine



May ‐ Oct

Shimmering waters, sun‐kissed beaches and natural beauty are waiting to be explored in this enchanting country



Year round

Canada has a variety of attractions from action‐packed activities to sightseeing and city culture to relaxed beaches



Year round

Renowned for its year‐round warm climate, amazing golf courses and long stretches of golden sands



Year round

Perfect for couples or the whole family where you can choose from theme parks, great shopping or sun‐kissed beaches


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