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10 American Wedding Trends to Try Now

27th June 2015 |By | Be the first to comment

10 American Wedding Trends to Try Now |

Let’s face it, Brits tend to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with America. A good percentage of trends across the pond makes their way to the British Isles, be they  food (hello, Ben & Jerry’s!), the latest Hollywood diet craze or entertainment. And things are no different in the wedding industry. Even if staying true to British culture and tradition is top of the pops for you on your wedding day, I thought you might like to see what’s trending in the states, so here are 10 American wedding trends I love!

1. Edible Favours

Caramel Popcorn Wedding Favours |

Get the look with our easy DIY tutorial for edible autumn wedding favours

Plying your guests with edible goodies is going to do nothing but keep you in their good books. I love this trend and while it’s something we’ve been sharing for years, it’s really starting to catch on in the states in a pretty cool way! Wedding favours are modernising away from the traditional sugared almonds and we’re seeing more unusual food making an appearance such as mini doughnuts, homemade chutneys and jams and gourmet popcorn! Whether your guests nibble whilst awaiting the first course or save the treats to savour on the way home, I guarantee they’ll enjoy them!

2. Lit Backdrops

Fairy lights at a wedding reception |

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Imagine stealing kisses from your love under the twinkle and glow of hundreds of fairy lights. Maybe its their childlike whimsy, or the fact that they’re a staple at Christmastime, but there’s no denying the magic in fairy lights. They’re romantic and intriguing and combined with the look of love you and your future Mr or Mrs will be sporting at your evening do, they’ll make you look glowy and fantastic in your photos.

3. Alfresco Dining

Outdoor wedding reception styling idea |

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Okay, this one may be a little bit more difficult to swing given the notorious British weather, but, if you’re lucky enough to be planning a wedding in the middle of a dry spell, take advantage! Alfresco dining has really taken off in the states and can be done in the UK with careful planning, mindful preparations and a whole lot of praying for dry weather.  A tip for those of you completely smitten with the idea of an alfresco evening do, July is rumoured to be the driest month on average in the UK.

4. Lace Sleeves

Delicate and demure lace is a go-to look for brides |

Photo courtesy of Eternity Bride

With lace sleeves, you can strike a lovely balance of showing off a bit of skin and keeping things classy. Opt for soft, gossamer-like lace to accentuate a feminine look and to detail a gown that will effortlessly take you from day to evening.I love the classy appearance of this Eternity Bride gown D5278. Lace sleeves are the perfect option for the bride wanting to make a bold statement and look sexy without revealing too much skin. Lace sleeves on wedding gowns incorporate classic and traditional components whilst giving more modern styles a regal and sophisticated feel.

5. Wedding Weekends

Turn your wedding into a weekend long celebration |

Love this look? Shop contemporary vintage

With the rise in popularity of destination weddings and with more people than ever having friends spread across the world, travelling to attend a wedding has become a big event. To reflect this, American brides and grooms-to-be have begun planning elaborate wedding weekends, even if they’re not tying the knot in a faraway locale. We’ve seen an influx of wedding activities planned before the ceremony and after, too.

Traditionally, American weddings have a rehearsal dinner–a big party following the final rehearsal before the ceremony (usually the night before the wedding) where the bride and groom-to-be thank the bridal party for their involvement by throwing a party. In addition to this rehearsal dinner, American couples also invite their bridal party for big family-style breakfasts the day after the ceremony and plan excursions and activities for guests who’ve travelled to attend the wedding. It’s a nice touch and it will ensure your guests feel at home, even if it does mean an increase in things to plan and budget to spend.

6. Signature Cocktails

Signature cocktails add personality to your wedding reception |

Follow our easy DIY tutorial and recreate this look

Once a major component of big birthday celebrations, signature cocktails are a fun way to inject a bit of personality into your wedding reception. Whether you have your caterer or bartender design a new drink for you and named after you, or you and your spouse-to-be create drinks in honour of each other, signature cocktails can be a great reflection of who you are. Creating one from scratch will also allow you to match your drink to your wedding colours or theme. If you really wanted to push the boat out, you could even design signature cocktails around your wedding party!

7. The Return of the Veil

Drop veils are a hot wedding trend for 2016 |

Gold Scalloped Edge Veil from

Oh, yes; it’s back! Once an expected component of a bride’s attire, now brides have the option of to veil or not to veil. I’m all for veiling! Maybe not so much the anti-feminist symbolism behind it, but I love the look of a veil. Many brides who want a classic wedding look: ivory, full skirt, strapless–are going with a veil. And who can blame them? Veils epitomise a traditional bridal ensemble and in recent years, everyone from Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and George Clooney’s missus, Amal Alamuddin has donned one. Will you join the ranks? Join the veil discussion in our bridal forums.

8. Gravity Defying Cakes

Suspended wedding cakes |

Sweet Hollywood‘s elegant gravity defying wedding cake

Say bye-bye to cakes displayed on boring tables at the back of the reception venue. The trend now is for wedding cakes to defy gravity! Not only do they need to be lofty towers of sponge and cream, but bakers and wedding cake makers are rigging up all sorts of fabulous displays and contraptions. Cakes suspended in mid-air is totally a thing and delivers instant wow factor. Browse our wedding cake directory for a supplier near you.

9. Personal Branding

Set a wedding hashtag to see your big day through your guest's eyes |

If You Instagram table cards from

Mashing couple’s names is one of Hollywood’s favourite games. Brad and Angelina became Brangelina, Kim and Kanye became Kimye and Ben and Jennifer became Bennifer, but that’s not the kind of branding that’s on the rise today. Today, couple are embracing the hashtag craze and allowing their wedding guests to document their nuptials with a specifically chosen hashtag. Opt for something simple and memorable such as #MrAndMrsMaddox or #GemmaWedsBaz. Just do a quick check before you publicise your hashtag to make sure it’s not already in use. You might need to add in your wedding date, location or family nickname to make it unique to your event.

10. Vows at Dusk

The romance and wonder of a wedding ceremony at nightfall |

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Picture it: your closest family and friends at your back, supporting you on your wedding day. You’re holding the hand of the person you’re about to pledge the rest of your life to and the sun is setting, painting the sky a beautiful mural of cotton candy colours. There’s not a dry eye present as you and your spouse exchange vows at dusk. The aisle is lined with flickering lights and luminaries, fairy lights are strung from trees and everything is perfect and magical. That is the power of saying your vows at dusk.

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