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Choosing your wedding venue

6th June 2006 |By | Be the first to comment

If you want to make your party truly memorable, make sure you get the venue right…

Kiddie kicks

Since parties are about having fun and playing, children’s activity centres and adventure playgrounds make a perfect place to celebrate, jump, bounce and swing in an environment that is guaranteed to be soft, safe and unbreakable ‐‐ even for the adults who’ve enjoyed a drink or two!

Dare to be different

Sometimes the most unlikely places, suitably decorated, make the most stunning party venues. If you’re having a large party, look at warehouses, industrial units, old telephone exchange buildings and former cinemas, theatres and churches. These are often used for antiques fairs or garage sales, but can be transformed, with a little creativity, into something quite special.

Be the first

If you’re after something really unusual, try to rent a venue that has never been used for parties before. The best tack is to consider the sort of organisations which have a large space and could probably do with a little extra money. Talk to the manager of a suitable garden centre (imagine a party amongst the fountains, fishponds and saplings), or perhaps try the head teachers of local schools.

And finally…

Remember, parties are about having fun. So get carried away and let your imagination run riot. The more unusual the venue, the more memorable your party will be!

You can find a wide selection of wedding and reception venues in our extensive directory of venues across the UK and abroad.

Stately does it

Britain is chock full of grand buildings, stately homes, castles and even palaces. Many of these, including Blenheim Palace, St James’ Palace, Harwood House, Naworth Castle and the Courtauld Institute are available for hire for special parties.

If these are beyond your budget, don’t worry. Check out local listed buildings or any properties that accept paying visitors ‐‐ chances are, the owners will be willing to supplement their incomes by renting out some space for a special occasion.

The art of a good venue

Museums and art galleries can make the perfect venue, with the added attraction of the exhibits themselves as fantastic décor! Many of the country’s best, including the Tate Gallery, the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum (under the dinosaurs!) and the Imperial War Museum make superb backdrops for a party. Again, think local. Almost all museums or galleries worth their salt, however small, have something about them that would make a good party venue backdrop.

Animal magic

If you fancy something more lively than a museum or gallery, what about holding your party at a zoo? Few things can top sipping Champagne while gazing at lions or giraffes, and the animal noises at night make wonderful background noises. Most zoos in Britain have rooms for hire ‐‐ and if there isn’t one nearby, perhaps you could ask a local farmer about renting his cow shed! Along the same lines, a party in an aquarium has the same animal fascination, but with the added attraction of the unique through‐water lighting.

Games rooms

Sports venues are also great places for parties. There are over 90 professional football clubs, more than a dozen professional cricket clubs and countless historic golf clubs, many of which have wonderful old rooms in which to hold a celebration among the old trophies and faded photos of past glories.

Action stations!

If you want to make the party more active, you could consider a sporty themed party, like a skating party held at an ice rink, a water party at a swimming pool or even a ten‐pin bowling party. Many sports centres have a party area where you can eat and drink, connected to the sports hall where you can go and play between refreshments!

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