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The Most Beautiful Winter Wedding Colour Schemes

1st November 2015 |By | Be the first to comment

Winter is coming! It’s a beautiful season to get married in, with the glittering snow, crystalline icicles, and dark nights twinkling with colourful lights. For some couples it’s the dream time of the year, full of excitement and Christmas cheer. So for the couples who are dreaming of getting married in their own winter wonderland, here are only a handful of the most beautiful winter wedding colour schemes.

Beautiful Winter Wedding Colour Schemes |

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1) White and Silver

White is perhaps the most obvious choice for a winter wedding colour scheme, but if you’re not careful it can, on its own, look flat and boring. Hints of silver transform a classic look into a dazzling display that shimmers and shines.

2) White and Gold

A popular winter colour scheme, white and gold conjures images of snow and firelight. It has an air of grandeur and elegance, and is a traditionally festive colour. You might even add a touch of bronze to your decor.

3) Black and White

Perhaps not an immediately obvious choice for a winter wedding, black and gold is a beautiful and glamorous colour scheme choice that’s growing in popularity. It brings a modern touch to a classic colour scheme, and if you add a pop of colour you end up with a stunning theme.

4) Blue

Blue is a hugely popular wedding colour scheme. Icy and glamorous, it sets a glorious winter tone that’s both romantic and beautiful.

White and Blue Winter Wedding |

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5) Red

With splashes of white, gold and silver, and lots of sparkly accents, red is truly the colour of Christmas. Pair it with green to create a look like berries and holly, or fuse it with deep purple for a rich, luxurious finish.

Red Winter Wedding |

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