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Aaron to Zadok: Biblical names for your baby

20th March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment

The Bible is the single most influential source in providing first names in the Christian world.  It follows the belief that the name will influence the character of the person, as it says in the Book of Samuel, ‘For, as his name is, so is he’.

Most of the biblical names have their origins in Hebrew, but some names, like Mark, Peter and Paul, are pre‐Christian and come from neighbouring cultures. Following the Reformation there was a greater interest in names from the New Testament, but since the ‘80s Old Testament names have become popular once more. Here are some Bible‐based names to inspire your baby naming…

Name Gender Origin Meaning
Aaron Boy Hebrew high mountain or exalted
Abel Boy Hebrew breath
Abidan Boy Hebrew my father is judge
Abigail Girl Hebrew my father is joy
Abijah Boy Hebrew the Lord is my father
Abijah Girl Hebrew the Lord is my father
Abilene Girl Hebrew a New Testament place name
Abner Boy Hebrew my father is light
Abraham Boy Hebrew father of a multitude
Abram Boy Hebrew high father
Adalia Boy Hebrew God is just
Adam Boy Hebrew man or to be red
Adina Girl / Boy Hebrew slender, delicate
Amos Boy Hebrew to carry
Anan Boy Hebrew cloud
Andrew Boy Greek courageous
Anna Girl Latin favoured by God, a prophetess
Ari Boy Hebrew a lion
Ariel Girl / Boy Hebrew a lion of God
Asher Boy Hebrew happy or blessed
Azriel Boy Hebrew help of God
Baruch Boy Hebrew blessed
Benjamin Boy Hebrew son of the south
Barnabas Boy Hebrew son of a prophecy
Bartholomew Boy Hebrew hill, furrow
Bernice Girl Hebrew brings victory
Bethany Girl Hebrew house of figs
Bethel Girl Hebrew house of God , Old Test
Boaz Boy Hebrew swiftness
Candace Girl Latin brilliant clarity
Chloe Girl Greek fresh green shoot
Cyrus Boy Persian the king of Persia who freed the Jews
Daniel Boy Hebrew God is my judge
Dara Boy Hebrew wisdom or compassion
Dara Girl Dara wisdom or compassion
Darius Boy Greek wealthy, name of kings of Persia
Dinah Girl Hebrew judgement
David Boy Hebrew beloved
Deborah Girl Hebrew bee, an industrious woman
Dinah Girl Hebrew judged
Ebenezer Boy Hebrew stone of help
Eden Girl / Boy Hebrew place of pleasure
Edna Girl Hebrew pleasure, my God is my oath
Elam Boy Hebrew hidden
Eli Boy Hebrew height or ascension
Elijah Boy Hebrew the Lord is God
Elisha Boy Hebrew God is my salvation
Elizabeth Girl Hebrew Consecrated to God
Emmanuel Boy Hebrew God is with us
Enoch Boy Hebrew dedicated
Ephraim Boy Hebrew fruitful
Esther Girl Hebrew a star
Ethan Boy Hebrew solid, enduring
Eunice Girl Greek victorious
Eve Girl Hebrew to breathe
Ezekiel Boy Hebrew God strengthens
Ezra Boy Hebrew the helper
Felix Boy Latin happy and successful
Freyde Girl Hebrew joy
Gabriel Boy Hebrew strong man of God
Gideon Boy Hebrew feller or hewer
Hanan Boy Hebrew gracious
Hannah Girl Hebrew favour or grace
Hillel Boy Hebrew the praised one
Hosanna Girl / Boy Hebrew a religious expression meaning ‘deliver us’
Immanuel Boy Hebrew form of Emmanuel in some trans of OT
Ira Boy Hebrew watchful, vigilant
Isaac Boy Hebrew the laughing one
Isaiah Boy Hebrew God is salvation
Ishmael Boy Hebrew God will hear
Jachin Boy Hebrew he establishes
Jacob Boy Hebrew held by the heel
James Boy Latin may god protect
Jamin Boy Hebrew right hand
Jared Boy Hebrew descent
Boy Hebrew thankful
Javan Boy Hebrew angel of Greece
Jemima Girl Hebrew dove
Jeremiah Boy Hebrew appointed by God
Jericho Boy Hebrew town mentioned in the Old Testament
Jesse Boy Hebrew God’s gift
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