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Aquarius boys names

22nd March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment


Keywords for choosing a name for a Aquarius baby

Symbol: The Water‐bearer: baptism, springs, fountains, pools, cascades
Planet: Uranus: new, unusual; Saturn: wise, protector
Timing: Winter: months of January and February
Element: Air: sky, clouds, stars
Quality: Fixed: resolute, finds change difficult
Traits: Love of modernity, freedom, interest in spiritual matters, friendly, liberal
Appearance: White‐haired, fair
Other links: Lead, aquamarine; priests, monks

Names for Aquarius Boys

Name Origin Meaning
Old English an old and wise friend
Alfred Old English a wise friend
Alpheus   god of the river
Angus Scottish Gaelic unique strength
Arvin Teutonic a friend of the people
Teutonic devoted friend
Azzurro Italian Aquarian blue
Balthasar Greek the Lord protects; one of the three wise men
Baptista Latin the baptised one
Bertwin   illustrious friend
Bonamy French a good friend
Bromwell Old English dweller by wild broom spring
Cassidy Irish Gaelic the ingenious one
Teutonic a free man
Old English from the settlement of free men
Clyde Scottish river
Colin Greek the victory of the people
Conan Irish Gaelic intelligent
Corwin Old French a friend of the heart
Old English a beloved friend
Dermot Irish Gaelic without envy
Hebrew beloved friend
Eaton Old English from the riverside estate
Edwin Old English good friend
Eldwin Old German an old friend
Erwin Old English friend
Francis Latin free man
Franklin Old French free citizen
Freeman Old English a freeborn man
Galen Greek the calm one, helper
Gareth Welsh a gentle or old man
Gwydion Celtic god of the sky
Haley Irish Gaelic ingenious
Irish Gaelic little Hugh
Heilyn Welsh a cup‐bearer, steward
Houston Old English from the place of Hugh
Hubert Teutonic a brilliant mind
Hugh Teutonic heart and mind
Hebrew God is great; John the Baptist
Jordan Hebrew water flowing down
Karl German a free man
Keller Irish Gaelic a little companion
Kendall English valley of the river Kent; spring water
Kirk Old Norse one who lives near a church
Hebrew a priest
Latimer Old French a  teacher
Linford Old English from the ford by the lime tree ford
Loman Irish Gaelic the enlightened one
Manfield Old English from the communal field
Mervyn Old English a famous friend
Neville Old French from the new settlement
Newton Old English from the new town
Nicholas Greek the victory of the people
Oberon Teutonic noble; one of Saturn’s satellites
Oswin Old English a divine friend
Prescott Old English from the priest’s house
Presley Old English from the priest’s meadow
Preston Old English from the priest’s farm or town
Sage Old French wise
Salvador Spanish saviour of the world
Senan Irish Gaelic old or wise
Simon Hebrew the listener
Sterling Old English little star
Taggart Gaelic a priest
Walwyn Old English a powerful friend
Wentworth Old English the estate of the white haired one
Winthrop Old English from a friend’s village
Spanish of the new house
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