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Aries girls names

19th March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment
Symbol The Ram: bold, courageous
Planet Mars: warrior, soldier, battle, armour, weapons
Timing Dawn, Spring: months of March and April
Element Fire: bold, brave, impulsive
Quality Cardinal: initiating, willing to change
Traits Winner, leader, original, energetic, adventurous
Appearance Young, red-haired
Other links The colour red, iron, steel, red rose, basil

Names for Aries Girls

Name Origin Meaning
Alexandra Greek defender of men
Amelia German eager, striving
Anastasia Russian awakening, reborn
April Latin Spring
Athena Greek warrior goddess of wisdom
Aurora Latin goddess of dawn
Bernadette French brave as a bear
Bernice Greek victorious
Brenda Irish flaming sword
Briana Irish strong, fearless
Bridget Irish strength
Brunhilde German battle maid
Latin clear, bright
Dawn English dawn
Elaine French bright, radiant
Emily English competitor
Erica Scandinavian fierce warrior
Eunice Greek good victory
Hebrew original woman
Gertrude German strong spear
Gilberta German bright pledge
Griselda German indomitable, battle maid
Hilda Scandinavian battle maid
Isa Spanish iron spirit
Izora Arabian dawn
Lana Latin bright, shining
Latin combative, of Mars
Martina Latin/German combative, of Mars
Matilda German battle maid
Minerva Latin/Greek warrior goddess of wisdom
Nicole French victorious
Nova Latin energetic, fresh, new
Latin dawn
Roberta English bright, famous
Roxanna Persian dawn
Ruby French a gemstone of Mars
Sahar Arabic dawn; splendour of the East
Scarlett English dyer of red cloth
Hebrew ardent
Thora Scandinavian from Thor, god of war
Valerie Spanish strong, valorous
Verna Latin Spring
Victoria Latin victorious
Vivian Latin lively, animated
Latin helmet of will; defender
Zara Hebrew splendour, dawn
Zerlinda Hebrew beautiful dawn
Zoe Greek freedom, life
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