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Cancer boys names

21st March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment
Symbol: The Crab: shores, rivers, pools, home, security
Planet: Moon: queen, the mother, fertility, waves, moonlight
Timing: Monday, summer: months of June and July
Element: Water: waves, sea, lakes, pools, springs; nymphs
Quality: Cardinal: initiating, willing to change
Traits: Home-loving, nurturing, intuitive
Appearance: Pale or white and soft-skinned
Other links: Pearls, silver; sea merchants; lilies, forests and the North

Names for Cancer Boys

Name Origin Meaning
Alban Latin fair complexioned
Latin esteemed family, highly praised
Arian Welsh silver
Arledge English lives by the lake
Atherton Old English one who lives at the spring farm
Blake Old English pale or white
Carlin Cornish from the fort by the pool
Chapman Old English merchant
Derby Irish Gaelic place of the deer, forest
Dar Hebrew a pearl
Delmar Latin from the sea
Dylan Welsh a man from the sea
Dmitri Greek from Demeter, goddess of the harvest
Old English happy guardian
Finlay Scottish Gaelic the fair or white warrior
Griswold Teutonic from the grey forest
Hamlyn teutonic home-lover
Old English son of the home ruler
Hartley English dweller by the lea of the stags
Henry Teutonic ruler of the home
Hume Old English home-lover
Hurley Gaelic the sea tide
Jericho Arabic the city of the Moon
Jojo African born on a Monday
Latin born in July
Kelsey Old Norse one who lives by the sea
Kelvin Scottish dweller by the river
Kenn Celtic/Welsh as clear as bright water
Kent Celtic bright or white
Kyle Scottish Gaelic from the narrow strait
Lamar Teutonic from the sea
Lomax English retreat by the pool
Marland Old English from the land of the lakes
Marston Old English the place by the marsh
Mercer Old French a merchant
Merlin Old Welsh From the hill by the sea
Merton Old English from near the lake
Micheael Hebrew angel of water and silver
Morven Gaelic seaman
Moses Egyptian drawn out of the water
Scottish Gaelic a mariner
Murphy Irish Gaelic sea warrior
Scottish Gaelic from the land by the sea
Norman Teutonic man from the North
River English/ Old French river or waterway
Teutonic fame of the land
Royston Old English settlement of Royce
Seaton Old English dweller by the sea  – a place by the sea
Seward Old English warden of the sea coast – sea defender
Whitman Old English the white man
Old English the path through the woods
Woodward Old English the forest guardian
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