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Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)

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Symbol: The goat
Ruler: Saturn
Element: Earth
Mode: Sensation
Quality: Cardinal
Sign’s gender: Feminine
Qualities strongest at : First hours of the morning (1am – 3am)
Lucky day: Saturday
Season: Winter
Lucky number:  8
Lucky colours: Black, dark grey, dark green
Lucky gems: Diamond, blue sapphire, jet, onyx
Metals ruled: Lead
Plants linked: Holly, ivy, pine, comfrey
Body area ruled:  Knees, bones, joints and skin
Chinese sign:  Ox (discipline, power) 
Native American:  Snow goose (perseverance, energy)
Keyword: ‘I use’, the need for practical results

Characteristic Capricorn traits:

Positive: Serious, ambitious, conservative, disciplined, prudent, striving, resourceful, tenacious, hard working, practical, patient, careful, reserved, conservative

Negative: Gloomy, pessimistic, miserly, grudging, status-conscious

Famous Capricorn Men

name fame birthday
Isaac Newton Scientist 25 December
Mao Tse-tung Chinese leader 26 December
Gerard Depardieu Actor 27 December
Denzel Washington Actor 28 December
Tiger Woods Golfer 30 December
Anthony Hopkins Actor 31 December
Mel Gibson Actor 3 January
David Bowie Musician 8 January
Elvis Presley Singer 8 January
Martin Luther King US civil rights leader 15 January
Muhammad Ali Boxer 17 January
Edgar Allan Poe Author 19 January

Famous Capricorn Women

name fame birthday
Annie Lennox Singer 25 December
Marlene Dietrich Actor 27 December
Maggie Smith Actor 28 December
Marianne Faithfull Singer, actor 29 December
Diane Keaton Actor 5 January
Simone de Beauvoir Author 9 January
Joan Baez Singer 9 January
Mary J.Blige Singer 11 January
Faye Dunaway Actor 14 January
Kate Moss Model 16 January
Eartha Kitt Singer 17 January
Dolly Parton Singer 19 January
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