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Create a romantic garden for two

30th August 2007 |By | Be the first to comment

Turn your garden into a lover’s paradise with these inspiring ideas to bring a touch of romance to your outdoor space. Because everyone needs a ‘love bush’…

romantic garden

 Create a garden of the five senses

Sight: visually appealing flowers that are symbolic of romance, e.g. red rose, forget‐me‐not
Touch: plants that are irresistible to touch, e.g. Lambs’ ears (stachys byzantia ‘Silver Carpet’)
Hearing: plants to attract bees and small birds, e.g. White snakeroot (eupatorium rugosum)
Taste: edible plants in small pots or a mini herb garden, eg lemon balm, mint and rosemary
Smell: choose fragrant flowers that release their scent at different times of the day and night, eg. honeysuckle, jasmine

Commemorate your wedding

Plant a tree or ‘love bush’ (pun intended) in your garden on your wedding day and watch it grow stronger year after year. If you’re a keen gardener you could create a little corner that blooms around the same time as your wedding anniversary.

Memory rocks

Collect rocks from all the romantic places you’ve been to as a couple and create a miniature rock garden in a secluded part of the garden. Engrave each stone with the date and place where you found it.

Lover’s bench

Nothing beats a traditional wooden bench as a lover’s seat. Have a plaque with both your names or engrave a message with a pocketknife.

Secluded areas

A gazebo or a seated arbour is wonderfully romantic and is also ideally suited to the unpredictable British weather. Plant a fragrant climber, such as jasmine or honeysuckle, along the sides and hang a pretty lantern inside for romantic summer evenings.

Pond of calm

A pond, especially near a seating area, can be filled with water lily, lotus and fish; a perfect way for the two of you to relax after a long day.

Fairy lights

Transform even the most ordinary garden into a magical place by placing Chinese lanterns and fairy lights hung from trees.

Moonlit garden

If you’re a night person, plant flowers that bloom at night and make it a custom to sit outdoors on clear moonlit nights. Most scented climbers are at their best in the evening and are a treat to the senses.

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