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Czech naming traditions & popular names

27th March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment

Looking for baby naming inspiration? Each day of the Czech calendar has a designated name, with a person’s ‘name day’ being celebrated as a second birthday…

The ‘name day’ is celebrated on the date corresponding to a person’s own first name. Although somewhat less important than a birthday, a name day is an occasion to get together with friends and co-workers for a celebration and to go out for a meal.  Presents given are chocolates, a bottle of something strong and fresh-cut flowers, which must always be given in odd numbers for happy occasions.

Top 10 most popular Czech names

Rank Boy names Girl names
1 Jan Tereza
2 Jakub Eliška
3 Tomáš Adéla
4 Adam Natálie
5 Ondrej Anna
6 Martin Karolína
7 Filip Kristýna
8 Lukáš Aneta
9 Vojtech Nikola
10 Matej Katerina

Czech names for boys and girls

Name Gender Meaning
Anezka Girl pure, chaste, a form of Agnes
Bedrich Boy ruler of peace
Bedrich Boy a peaceful ruler
Belia Girl white
Benes Boy blessed
Beta Girl dedicated to God
Bojanek Boy war
Boleslav Boy great glory
Borivoj Boy great soldier
Bozidar Boy gift from God
Brandeis Boy dweller on a burned clearing
Bratislav Boy glorious brother
Buciac Boy thick
Capek Boy little stork
Capeka Girl little stork
Cermak Boy robin
Cermaka Girl robin
Cerny Boy black
Ctibor Boy an honourable fight.
Ctislav Boy glorious honour
Damek Boy earth
Dana Boy or Girl God is my judge
Dobromir Boy good fame
Dobroslav Boy good glory
Dusan Boy the soul, the spirit
Dusana Girl a soul
Duysek Boy spirit.
Eliska Girl truthful
Evzen Boy of noble birth
Evzenek Boy well born
Fanousek Boy Frenchman.
Ferda Boy brave
Frantisek Boy Frenchman
Frantiska Girl free
Greguska Boy watchful
Hnedy Boy brown
Honza Boy gift from God
Hrusosky Boy dwells near the pear tree
Hudak Boy blond
Ivana Girl God is gracious
Jakub Boy the supplanter
Janalynn Girl variant of John; wife of Janus
Janek Boy God has been gracious
Janica Girl variant of John; wife of Janus
Jannah Girl variant of John; wife of Janus
Jiri Boy Czech form of George
Jozka Boy God will multiply
Kafka Boy bird
Kalena Girl a flower and place name
Kamil Boy or Girl a Roman family name
Kamila Girl noble
Karel Boy or Girl A free person. A boy or girl’s name.
Katerina Girl pure
Kazimir Boy the great destroyer
Kral Boy king
Kramoris Boy merchant
Krasava Girl beautiful
Krystina Girl a Christian
Kubas Boy the supplanter
Kusner Boy furrier
Lida Girl a woman from Lydia; cultured
Marenka Girl bitter
Marjeta Girl pearl
Martinek Boy warring
Miklos Boy Czech form of Nicholas
Mila Girl industrious
Milada Girl my love
Milan Boy the favoured or beloved one
Milena Girl the favoured one
Milos Boy favoured
Mirek Boy Pesce
Mirka Girl tranquil
Miroslava Girl tranquil
Mlynar Boy miller
Nadezda Girl one with hope
Novak Boy newcomer
Oldrich Boy one with riches and power
Olexa Girl feminine of Alexander
Ondrus Boy manly
Otik Boy wealthy
Otka Girl lucky
Radek Boy glad
Rayna Girl a queen
Ryba Girl fish
Strom Boy stream; tree
Tomas Boy a twin, a form of Thomas.
Vavrin Boy laurel
Verushka Girl true, faith
Viera Girl true, faith
Viktor Boy the conqueror
Vilem Boy a strong and resolute protector
Zdenek Boy one from Sidon, a winding sheet
Zelenka Girl little innocent one
Zuza Girl graceful lily
Zuzana Girl a lily
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