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First Anniversary – Ten Ways To Celebrate

6th June 2006 |By | 1 Comment

Your first anniversary is definitely worth celebrating in style, so why not take inspiration from our top ten first anniversary ideas?

Congratulations. Celebrating your first year as a married couple is so exciting. It confirms your status as a proper husband and wife and it’s a time to look to the future together – although you’ll certainly be remembering your wedding day with fond memories too. This landmark anniversary is definitely worth celebrating, so take inspiration from us and plan one of these special ideas for your paper anniversary…

Rewind to the wedding

A year ago today, you tied the knot, and it’s all too easy to forget the little details of the day. So turn off the phone, lock the doors and settle down to watch your wedding video. You might even recreate some of your wedding menu highlights to nibble on as you flick through your wedding photos – and don’t forget to put on your sexiest wedding nightwear as you relive your first official night together. Or second night, perhaps…

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Bedding and breakfast

A sweet, easy and very romantic way to treat your spouse is breakfast in bed. Take time to make their favourite dish – try scrambled eggs on lightly toasted crumpets with smoked salmon on the side – and serve with a flower and anniversary card. Eat together at your leisure as you rejoice in a year of waking up married together.


Elegant evening

If there’s a swish restaurant that either of you have always wanted to dine in, surely the first evening of your anniversary is the time to splash out and do it. Remember to book in advance and make it exciting by getting ready and arriving separately so it’s just like a first date… except you know who you’ll be going home with.

art-deco-coupleAbove: Art Deco Black and Gold Opulence Engraved Acrylic Signs for Bride and Groom

Magic mini-break

Get away from it all with a little second honeymoon and allow yourselves to reconnect as a couple. Choose somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit – the world, quite literally, is your oyster, and with no-one but the two of you around, you’ll have no choice but to bask in each other’s glory.

Anne & David's Real HoneymoonAbove: Anne & David’s Real Honeymoon

Smooth seduction

Set aside an evening ‐ or even a whole day ‐ for some real conjugal pleasure! Discuss your fantasies, get dressed up in your sexiest outfit and make sure there’s plenty of candles, massage oils and other bedroom gear around. Eat aphrodisiac food to get yourselves in the mood and think of nothing but pleasuring each other ‐ again, and again, and again.

Lucy and Stevie Real Wedding Flowers and CandlesAbove: Lucy and Stevie’s Real Wedding

Dreams can come true!

Has your spouse ever dreamed of driving a racing car, or going on a hot air balloon flight? Your first anniversary is the perfect opportunity to help your wife or husband fulfil their dream. Organise it for them in secret and announce your surprise on the morning of your anniversary.

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Spending spree

Your first anniversary is a time to forget your everyday troubles. Forget the gas bill and throw caution to the wind with a shopping spree. Treat each other to new clothes, CDs ‐ whatever you both want! Enjoy a smart lunch during the day and enjoy the high life, even if it is just for one day.

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Baby baby

If your thoughts have recently turned to having a baby, why not start trying to conceive on the day of your first anniversary? After all, making a baby together can be very romantic and it consolidates your relationship too ‐ perfect for a first anniversary celebration!

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Perfect picnic

If your first anniversary falls on a hot summer’s day, then pack a picnic and head for the country. Feed each other strawberries and enjoy fun in the field as you revel in the sunshine and each other’s company.

9216_large-decor-picnic-basket_9217_medium-decor-picnic-basketAbove: Decor Picnic Basket in Large and Medium

Down on paper

First anniversaries are associated with paper, so why not give your spouse a present or surprise based on this theme? Surprise them with a front cover from a newspaper made on the day of their birth or your anniversary, or leave romantic notes around the house for him or her to find. You could even make paper heart confetti and sprinkle it on your bed for a romantic treat!

Ivory Biodegradeable Throwing Confetti PackAbove: Ivory Biodegradeable Throwing Confetti Pack

Find more help and advice in our article pages and discover more items that are perfect for your anniversary in the Confetti shop. Discuss this topic and more with hundreds of brides and brides-to-be in the Confetti forums!

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  1. Becky B

    We have an anniversary sundial that you can find online, it is made of glass and sits on the window sill and was handmade just for us so it would work where we live. It is a clock that tells time by using the sun, but the coolest thing is that it makes really vivid rainbows in our home when the sun shines. We were able to add a date line to our sundial that the time shadow follows on our anniversary day each year and there is even a special mark on that anniversary line to celebrate the actual MOMENT we got married! My husband tells me that the sun and moon and planets all move every day, but they will always align for us on our day together (awww) It really is a great gift though because it also makes brilliant rainbows on the floor when the sun shines, and our toddler loves to play in the colors on the floor. I don’t remember what its called but you can find it online with a search

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