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First names that are varieties of rose

21st March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment

Picking a name that is also a variety of rose adds another layer of meaning to it. By planting the particular variety of rose in your garden it becomes a lovely way to commemorate the baby naming.

Here are some popular first names that are also varieties of rose, to inspire your baby naming…

Name Origin Meaning
Adam Hebrew first man
Agatha Greek kind-hearted
Agnes Greek pure
Albertine German noble
Alexander Greek defender of mankind
Alexia Greek helpful, bright
Amanda Latin lovable
Amelia German industrious
Angelina Latin angelic
Antonia Latin perfect
Aurora Latin dawn
Carla German free
Carmen Hebrew crimson
Carol English feminine, free
Celeste Latin heavenly
Celina Greek loving
Channelle French fashionable
Claire French bright and famous
Clarisa French brilliant
Cleo Greek queen of Egypt
Coralie American little maiden
Cordelia Latin warm-hearted
Cornelia Latin practical
Cymbeline Greek mythical king
Doreen Greek gift of God
Eleanor Old French the light of the sun
Emma Teutonic the healer of the universe
Ethel Teutonic a noble maiden
Felicia Latin happiness
Fiona Scottish Gaelic the fair one
Flora Latin flower, Roman goddess of spring
Francesca Latin a free woman
Gabriella Hebrew God is my strength
Geraldine Old French a noble spear carrier
Hannah Hebrew favoured by God
Heidi Swiss noble and kind
Helge Old Norse prosperous
Isabel Spanish consecrated to God
Jocelyn Latin the merry one
Kathleen Irish pure
Katie English lively
Kim English leader
Laura Latin a laurel tree
Lavinia Latin a lady
Leander Greek the lion man
Leda Greek a mythological queen
Lilli Latin purity
Marlene German from ‘Magdalene’
Martha Aramaic a lady
Mary Hebrew mother of Jesus
Maxima Latin miracle worker
Meg Latin a pearl
Melinda English pretty dark one
Mercedes Spanish merciful
Michele French like the Lord
Mimi Italian star of the sea
Olive Latin a symbol of peace
Ophelia Greek a helper
Penelope Greek a weaver
Perdita Latin the lost one
Queenie English queen
Rosina Spanish the rose
Saul Hebrew prayed for
Scarlette Old French flaming red
Sherry Old English the bright meadow
Shona Scottish Gaelic God is gracious
Soraya Persian princess
Stella Latin a star
Susan Hebrew a lily
Tallulah Native American running water
Thelma Greek a wish
Violette French flower
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