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French versions of English names

21st March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment

Looking for baby naming inspiration? Look to the French. If the name Andrew sounds somewhat boring, the French version, André, might make for a more distinctive and interesting boy’s first name.

When using French first names, it is important to remember that hyphenated names such as Jean-Pierre are considered a single unit and constitute the person’s first name and not the first and middle name.

Several masculine names can be converted into feminine names with the addition of an ‘e’ at the end.  Names that already end with an ‘e’ have another ‘e’ added, though the pronunciation of both gender names remains the same.

Here are some common English names in French to inspire your baby naming…

French name English version French name English version
Adrien Adrian Adélaïde Adelaide
Alain Alan Adèle Adela
Alexandre Alexander Adrienne Adriana
André Andrew Agathe Agatha
Antoine, Anton Anthony Agnès Agnes
Auguste, Augustin Augustus Aimée Amy
Benoît Bernard Alexandrie, (Alix) Alexandria, (Alex)
Christophe Christopher Amélie Amelia
Denis Dennis Anastasie, Anaïs Anastasia
Dominique Dominic Andrée Andrea
Édouard Edward Anne Ann
Éric Eric Aurélie, Aurore Audrey
Étienne Steven Brigitte Bridget
Eugène Eugene Cécile, Céline, Célina Cecilia
François Francis Christelle Christine
Franck Frank Claude, Claudine Claudia
Frédéric Frederick Dominique Dominica
Georges George Dorothée Dorothy
Gérard Gerald Éléonore Eleanor
Grégoire Gregory Élisabeth Elizabeth
Guillaume, (Guy) William, (Bill) Élise Elisa
Henri Henry Françoise Frances
Hugues Hugo Frédérique Fredericka
Jacques, (Jacquot) James, (Jimmy) Hélène Helen, Ellen
Jean, (Jeannot) John, (Johnny) Henriette Henrietta
Jérôme Jerome Inès Inez
Jules Julius Isabelle Isabel
Julien Julian Jeanne Joan, Jean, Jane
Laurent Laurence Jeannine Janine
Léon Leon, Leo Juliette Juliet
Louis Lewis Laetitia Latitia
Luc Luke Laure Laura
Lucas Lukas Luce, Lucie Lucy
Marc Mark, Marcus Madeleine Madeline
Matthieu Matthew Marguerite,(Margot) Margaret, (Maggie)
Maurice Morris Marthe Martha
Michel Michael Monique Monica
Nicolas, Noël Nicholas Noémi Naomi
Olivier Oliver Olivie Olivia
Patrick, Patrice Patrick Sophie Sophia
Pierre Peter Susanne Susan, Suzanne
Sébastien Sebastian Sylvie Sylvia
Stéphane Stephen Thérèse Theresa
Théodore Theodore Valentine Valentina
Théophile Theophilus Valérie Valerie
Thibaut, Thibault Theobald Véronique Veronica
Thierry Terry Victoire Victoria
Timothée Timothy Virginie Virginia
Yves Ives Zoé Zoe
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