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Heaven & Earth: names from the natural world

21st March 2007 |By | 1 Comment

Names derived from Nature go back to the time before organised religion and continue to maintain their popularity even today.

Plants, trees, the animal kingdom, the earth and the heavens, are all rich sources for names. The meanings of these names relate to an admired quality or are cultural symbols with ancient origins. Here are some names from the various realms of Nature…

Some names from the flowers, fruit, trees and gemstones

Amber Forrest Neroli
Apple Garnet Olive
Ash Glen Opal
Basil Grove Orchid
Beryl Hazel Peaches
Berry Henna Pearl
Brook Holly Petal
Blossom Hyacinth Poppy
Bryony Iris Rainbow
Cherry Ivy River
Clary Jade Rose
Coral Jasmine Ruby
Crystal Jewel Saffron
Dale Juniper Sage
Dalia Laurel Star
Daisy Lily Storm
Ebony Magnolia Violet
Fern Meadow Willow
Fleur Mica Zinnia

Some names relating to the animal world

Name Gender Origin Meaning
Arabela Girl Spanish beautiful lion
Arden Girl & Boy English from the eagle valley
Ariel Girl & Boy Hebrew lion of God
Arlette Girl French eagle
Arnaud Boy French eagle power
Arnold Boy German eagle power
Ava Girl Latin like a bird
Calandra Girl Greek singing bird
Callum Boy Celtic/Gaelic dove
Collin Boy Celtic/Gaelic peaceful dove
Columbia Girl Latin a dove
Deborah Girl Hebrew bee
Giles Boy Greek a young goat
Ingram Boy Teutonic the raven
Jay Boy Latin chattering bird
Jemima Girl Hebrew dove
Jonah Boy Hebrew a dove
Leander Boy Greek lion man
Leandra Girl Italian lion man
Leo Boy Italian lion
Leonie Girl French lioness
Melissa Girl Greek bee
Melita Girl Italian bee
Merle Girl & Boy English blackbird
Oprah Girl Hebrew gazelle
Paloma Girl Spanish a dove
Ronan Boy Celtic/Gaelic little seal
Sephora Girl Hebrew bird
Tabitha Girl Hebrew a gazelle
Taura Girl Greek a bull, Taurus
Yonah Boy Hebrew dove

Some names relating to the earth and the sky

Name Gender Origin Meaning
Aaron Boy Hebrew high mountain
Arlyn Girl Teutonic a waterfall
Ashley Boy Old English from the ash tree meadow
Aura Girl Greek a gentle breeze
Balfour Boy Scottish Gaelic from the village by the pasture
Bentley Boy Old English from the winding meadow
Beverley Girl Old English from the beaver’s meadow
Bradley Boy Old English a dweller in the broad meadow
Celesine Girl Latin heavenly
Celia Girl Latin heaven
Craig Boy Scottish Gaelic a rock or mountain crag
Dylan Boy Welsh born from the ocean
Estella Girl Latin a star
Hadley Boy Old English upper meadow
Hailey Girl Old English high meadow
Imelda Girl Spanish a floret
Lamar Boy Spanish from te sea
Lee Girl Old English a meadow
Lynn Girl Old English a waterfall
Muriel Girl Gaelic of the bright sea
Peter Boy Greek a rock
Phyllis Girl Greek leafy, a green branch
Semira Girl Hebrew the uppermost part of the heavens
Shannah Girl Irish Gaelic slow water
Sherborne Boy Old English a clear stream
Shirley Girl Old English from the bright meadow
Sierra Boy Latin from the mountains
Sten Boy Swedish a stone
Terra Girl Latin the earth
Terran Boy Latin the earth
Thea Girl Greek flowery
Tor Boy Celtic a rock
Zohra Girl Arabic in bloom
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  1. Hale

    could they be more like earth like the element please ?

    Reply· Dec 3, 2017 7:53am

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