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Leo (23 July – 22 August)

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Symbol: The Lion
Ruler: Sun
Element: Fire
Mode: Intuition
Quality: Cardinal (steadfast, finds change difficult)
Sign’s gender : Masculine
Qualities strongest at: Mid to late afternoon (3pm – 5pm)
Lucky day: Sunday
Season:  Late summer
Lucky number: 1
Luck colours: Gold, orange and ochre (colours of the sun)
Lucky gems : Amber, ruby, topaz, yellow tourmaline
Metals ruled: Gold, brass
Plants linked: Sunflower, marigold, laurel, saffron, turmeric
Body area vulnerable:  Spine, upper back, forearms, wrists and heart
Chinese sign:  Monkey (agility) 
Native American: Salmon (vitality)
Keyword: ‘I will’, the need for authority


Characteristic Leo traits:

Positive: Generous, hospitable, warm-hearted, creative, enthusiastic, faithful, dramatic, authoritative, open, broad minded, playful, expansive, loving

Negative: Pompous, bossy, dogmatic, intolerant, interfering, patronising, craving the spotlight

Famous Leo Men

name fame birthday
George Bernard Shaw Playwright 26 July
Mick Jagger musician 26 July
Arnold Schwarzenegger Actor 30 July
Martin Sheen Actor 3 August
Dustin Hoffman Actor 8 August
Fidel Castro Cuban President 13 August
Alfred Hitchcock Film director 13 August
Steve Martin Actor 14 August
Napoleon Bonaparte French Emperor 15 August
Robert de Niro Actor 17 August
Robert Redford Actor 18 August
Mathew Perry Actor 19 August

Famous Leo Women

name fame birthday
Amelia Earhart Pioneer aviator 24 July
Jennifer Lopez Actor, singer 24 July
Sandra Bullock Actor 26 July
Famous wife 28 July
J.K.Rowling Author 31 July
Lucille Ball Comedian 6 August
Geri Halliwell Pop singer 6 August
Whitney Huston Singer 9 August
Enid Blyton Author 11 August
Halle Berry Actor 14 August
Madonna Singer 16 August
Mae West Actor 17 August
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