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Leo boys names

21st March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment
Symbol: The Lion: noble, leader, golden-haired
Planet: Sun: God, warmth, radiance
Timing: Sunday, summer: months of July and August
Element: Fire: warmth, radiance
Quality: Fixed: resolute, finds change difficult
Traits: Bold, brave, noble
Appearance: Strong, with abundant hair
Other links: Crown, gold, amber, topaz; rose

Names for Leo Boys

Name Origin Meaning
Aaron Hebrew descended from the Gods
Aidan Irish Gaelic the little fiery one
Albert Teutonic noble and illustrious
Apollo Greek Sun god
Arthur Celtic noble, follower of Thor
Auberon Teutonic noble
Latin venerable, of August
Aurelius Latin the golden one
Austin English alt forms of August
Bowie Scottish Gaelic golden haired
Boyd Scottish Gaelic yellow-haired
Brendan Irish Gaelic a prince
Broderick Welsh a renowned ruler
Cedric English chieftain?
Cyrus Persian like the Sun
Daniel Hebrew God has judged, of lions
Derek Teutonic a ruler of the people
Dorado Spanish the golden one
Elroy French regal
Eric Old Norse kingly, all-powerful
Greek well born, noble
Fairfax Old English the one with beautiful hair
Fitzroy Old French son of the king
Galvin Irish Gaelic the bright one
Gautier French a mighty ruler
Gilbert Teutonic bright pledge
Old English a golden friend
Teutonic bright ruler, man of brilliance
Jermyn Cornish bright
Kinsey Old English a victorious king
Lawrence Laurence Lorenzo Latin crowned with laurels
Leander Greek the lion man
Lennox Scottish chieftain
Léon Latin lion or lion-hearted
Lennard Leonardo
Teutonic brave as a lion
Leroy French the king
Lionel Old French young lion
Linus Greek golden haired
Welsh lion-like
Magnus Latin great, regal
Latin the greatest
Hebrew one who gives light
Phoenix Greek rising Sun
Raphael Hebrew the angel of the Sun
Rex Latin king
Reynold Old English wise, powerful ruler
Teutonic bright fame
Teutonic renowned ruler
Roy Old French a king
Ryan Irish Gaelic young king
Hebrew splendid Sun
Sol Latin Sun god
Stephan Stephen Steven Greek garland, crown
Sulwyn Welsh the fair Sun
Tiernan Irish Gaelic kingly
Timon Greek honourable
Tyrone Greek a lord
Ulrich Teutonic a ruler
Victor Latin the conqueror
Vladimir Slavic a powerful ruler
Walter Teutonic a mighty ruler
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