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Names of Bollywood Stars

28th March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment

If you’re struggling to find just the right name for your new baby and want something that will be very unusual with an Indian slant, get inspired by these Bollywood baby names (yes, really!)

Just like it is in other areas of celebrity inspired naming around the world, Bollywood continues to inspire South Asian baby names. In recent years, the trend in stars’ names has moved away from short, straightforward names like Raj and Jaya to unusual and complex names like Hrithik and Aishwarya.

Astrologers and numerologists are usually hired to make sure that the actor’s name is in harmony with his or her date and timing of birth. This auspicious naming often extends to the actual titles of the films that they star in as well.

First names of the stars of Bollywood

Star names for Girls Star names for Boys
Aditi Aamir
Aishwarya Abhishek
Amisha Aditya
Amrita Aftab
Ayesha Ajay
Celina Akshay
Diya Akshaye
Esha Amitabh
Hema Amjad
Isha Amrish
Jaya Anil
Juhi Anupam
Kajol Arjun
Kareena Arshad
Karishma Aryan
Kashmira Ashok
Katrina Asrani
Lara Dev
Madhubala Dharmendra
Madhuri Dilip
Mahima Dino
Malaika Emraan
Mallika Fardeen
Mamata Girish
Manisha Govinda
Meena Gulshan
Meenakshi Guru
Mumtaz Hrithik
Nargis Jackie
Neetu Javed
Neha Kader
Nutan Kamal
Padmini Karan
Parveen Kiran
Pooja Kishore
Poonam Kumar
Preity Madhavan
Priyanka Manoj
Rani Milind
Ratni Mithun
Rakhee Nana
Raveena Om
Reema Prabhu
Rekha Pran
Riya Prithviraj
Saira Puru
Sameera Rahul
Sarita Raj
Seema Rajendra
Shabana Rajnikant
Shamita Randhir
Sharmila Rishi
Shilpa Ritesh
Simran Saif
Sneha Salman
Soha Sanjay
Sonali Sanjeev
Sridevi Shah Rukh
Sushmita Shahid
Tabu Shammi
Tanuja Shashi
Tanushree Shatrughan
Tejaswani Shekhar
Tina Sonu
Twinkle Sunil
Urmila Sunny
Vasundhra Tusshar
Vidya Upen
Waheeda Vivek
Zeenat Zayed
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