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Pisces boys names

22nd March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment
Symbol: The Fishes: sea and ocean creatures, mermaids
Planet: Neptune: sea god; Jupiter: religion, self-sacrifice
Timing: Winter: months of February and March, Easter
Element: Water: sea, lakes, pools, springs; nymphs
Quality: Mutable: adaptable, can change easily
Traits: Humility, gentleness, sacrifice, dreaminess, intuition
Appearance: Slender, delicate, youthful
Other links: Christ, rebirth; blue-green colour, ferns, reeds, willows; fairies, elves

Names for Pisces Boys

Name Origin Meaning
Annan Celtic from the stream
Arlin sea bound
Bach German a stream
Bainbridge of the sea
Blaine bubble
Bradwell Old English from the broad stream
Carey Celtic from the river
Carew castle near the water
Christian, Chris Latin a follower of Christ
Greek bearing Christ
Clement Latin merciful or mild
Colbert Teutonic a bright seafarer
Cromwell Old English from the winding stream
Dauphin French from Latin like a dolphin
Delmar Latin from the sea
Welsh a man from the sea
Enold anointed
Farley Old English from the fern clearing
Farnell Old English from the hill of ferns
Farnley from the fern meadow
Frey Old Norse patron god of seafarers
Finnegan fair
Galen Greek the calm one
Gareth Welsh gentle
Teutonic divinely peaceful
Gilchrist Gaelic the servant of Christ
Hargreave Old English from the grove of the hare
Harwood Old English from the wood of the hares
Havelock Old Norse sea sport
Hurley Gaelic sea tide
Isaiah Hebrew God is my helper
Isidore Greek the gift of Isis (moon goddess, ruler of tides)
Julian English youthful; soft-haired
Kaniel Hebrew a reed
Karsten German a follower of Christ
Old Norse one who lives by the water
Lamar Teutonic from the sea
Lawler Irish Gaelic the softly-spoken one
Lachlan Scottish Gaelic from the land of lochs
Leverett Old French a young hare
Manfred Teutonic a man of peace
Maren Basque from the sea
Marino Latin of the sea
Maxwell Scottish from the stream of Magus
Meredith Old Welsh the protector of the sea
Merlin Old Welsh from the fort by the sea
Merrill Old English the son of Muriel (bright sea)
Merton Old English the place by the lake
Miles Teutonic merciful
Morgan Welsh the bright sea
Mortimer Old French lives by the sea
Murphy Irish Gaelic sea warrior
Scottish Gaelic a mariner
Scottish Gaelic from the land by the sea
Nereus Greek an old and wise sea god
Latin small, humble and modest
Greek a rock; one of Christ’s apostles
Reed Middle English a river plant
Rio Spanish a river
Ronan Irish Gaelic a little seal
Rosmer Danish a seahorse or from the sea
Safford Old English from the ford by the willows
Saville Old French from the estate by the willows
Old English a dweller by the sea
Sereno Italian the serene one
Seward Old English a sea defender
Shannon Irish a river in Ireland
Sheehan Irish Gaelic peaceful
Sherborne Old English a clear stream
Solomon Hebrew wise and peaceful
Triton Greek sea god
Vaughan Welsh modest
Old English from the ford by the willows
Willoughby Old English from the farm near the willow trees
Zelman Hebrew wise and peaceful
Zeeman Dutch a sailor or seaman
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