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Sagittarius boys names

22nd March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment


Symbol: The Archer: bow and arrow, centaur
Planet: Jupiter: benevolent, large, abundant, wise, free, spiritual
Timing: Autumn/winter: months of November and December
Element: Fire: bright, hopeful, warm
Quality: Mutable: adaptable, can change easily
Traits: Optimistic, philosophical, humanitarian
Appearance: Large bodied, strong
Other links: Traveller, foreign lands, pilgrim, sage; horses

Names for Sagittarius Boys

Name Origin Meaning
Irish Gaelic lord of the horses
Archer Old English bowman, archer
Archibald Teutonic bold archer
Asher Hebrew the happy or fortunate one
Bevan Welsh an archer
Boniface Spanish doing of good, benefactor
Cato Latin the wise one
Christopher Greek patron saint of travellers
Connell Irish Gaelic wise chief
Cuthbert Old English brilliant wisdom, splendour
Dewar pilgrim
Doran Irish Gaelic a wanderer
Ellis English benevolent
Hebrew God is with us
Erland Old Norse a foreigner
Errol Scottish wandering
Esmond Old English the gracious protector
Felix Latin fortunate or lucky
Spanish a lover of horses
Ferdinand Teutonic prepared for the journey
Fletcher Old French maker of arrows
Latin from France, free man
Galloway Gaelic foreigner
Guy Teutonic a guide
Hubert Teutonic bright,
Hugh English thinker
Humberto Spanish brilliant
Ibsen Teutonic the son of the archer
Isaac Hebrew laughter
Isaiah Hebrew the Lord is his salvation
Ivor Old Norse archer, bowman
Jeremy Hebrew exalted of God
John Hebrew God has favoured, grace of God
Jonathan Hebrew God has given
Jovian Latin of Jupiter
Kenneth Scottish Gaelic born of fire, handsome
Lorimer Old French maker of bridles
Macarius Latin blessed
Madoc Old Welsh fortunate
Malone Irish Gaelic a devotee of St John
Milan Czech the favoured one
Orion Greek mythological hunter
Palmer Old English pilgrim to the holy land
Peregrine Latin pilgrim, traveller
Philip Greek a lover of horses

Teutonic a mighty horse
Salvador Spanish saviour
Shanahan Irish Gaelic sagacious, wise
Stig Old Norse the wanderer
Tate Old Norse jolly or cheerful
Thaddeus Greek wise, praise
Thurstan Old English Thor’s stone
Ulysses Greek the famous wanderer
Wayne Old English wagon maker
Wendell Teutonic a wanderer
Teutonic a guide
French the little archer
Zeus Greek Jupiter
Zingaro Italian gypsy
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