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Scorpio (23rd October – 21st November)

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Symbol: The scorpion
Ruler: Mars and Pluto
Element: Water
Mode: Feeling
Quality: Fixed (steadfast, finds change difficult)
Sign’s gender : Feminine
Qualities strongest at: Late evening (9pm –11pm)
Lucky day: Tuesday
Season: Autumn
Lucky number: 9
Lucky colours: Purple, dark red, burgundy, black
Lucky gems: Diamond, garnet, ruby, jasper
Metals ruled: Iron, steel, plutonium
Plants linked: Thistle, poppy, red rose, heather, ginger
Body area vulnerable: Pelvis, reproductive organs, urinary system
Chinese sign: Boar (sensuality, prosperity) 
Native American: Serpent (determination, wisdom)
Keyword: ‘I desire’, the need for emotional power

Characteristic Scorpio traits:

Positve: Intense, passionate, perceptive, determined, magnetic, intuitive, powerful, forceful, possessive, focused

Negative: Secretive, obstinate, resentful, jealous, mistrustful, fixed                  

Famous Scorpio Men

name fame birthday
Pablo Picasso Artist 25 October
Dylan Thomas Poet 27 October
John Cleese Comedian 27 October
Bill Gates Entrepreneur 28 October
Richard Dreyfuss Actor 29 October
Diego Maradona Footballer 30 October
Richard Burton Actor 10 November
Leonardo DiCaprio Actor 10 November
Prince Charles Royal 14 November
Claude Monet Artist 14 November
Danny DeVito Actor 17 November
Martin Scorsese Film director 17 November

Famous Scorpio Women

name fame birthday
Sybil Thorndike Actor 24 October
Hillary Clinton US senator 26 October
Sylvia Plath Poet 27 October
Julia Roberts Actor 28 October
Winona Ryder Actor 29 October
Vivien Leigh Actor 5 November
Demi Moore Actor 11 November
Whoopi Goldberg Comedian 13 November
Jodie Foster Actor 19 November
Indira Gandhi Indian Prime Minister 19 November
Bo Derek Actor 20 November
Goldie Hawn Actor 21 November
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