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The name of all that is holy

21st March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment

Naming children after saints and martyrs is one way parents have devised to protect their children.  Their hope being that the child will not only reflect the qualities of their namesake but also get their divine protection at all times.

the name of all that is holy

It is still a tradition, particularly amongst Roman Catholics, to name the child after the ‘Saint of the Day’.  Although there are many versions of the Saints’ calendar, they share the same major saints’ days and a child who happens to be born on one of these days is more likely to be named after the saint of that day. Here are some of the patron saints and a selection of the important Saints’ days in the Calendar…

Some of the Patron Saints

Saint Patron of Saint’s Day
St Andrew Scotland 30 November
St Anne Women in labour 26 July
St Camillus Hospitals, nurses 14 July
St Christopher Travellers 25 July
St David Wales 1 March
St Dorothy Gardeners, brides 5 February
St George England 23 April
St Gerard Pregnant women 16 October
St Joseph Families and married couples 19 March
St Nicholas Children 6 December
St Patrick Ireland 17 March

Some important Saints’ Days in Roman Catholic and Anglican Calendars

1 The Virgin Mary
2 St Basil the Great, St Gregory of Nazianzen
6 The Epiphany
7 St Hilary of Poitiers
17 St Anthony of Egypt
21 St Agnes
22 St Vincent of Saragossa
24 St Francis de Sales
25 St Paul
26 St Timothy and St Titus
28 St Thomas Aquinas
31 St John Bosco
2 Presentation of the Lord
5 Saint Agatha
11 Our Lady of Lourdes
14 St Valentine’s Day
1 St David, Patron of Wales
7 St Perpetua and St Felicity
17 St Patrick’s Day, Patron of Ireland
18 St Cyril of Jerusalem
19 St Joseph of Nazareth
25 Annunciation of the Lord
21 St Anselm of Canterbury
23 St George, Patron of England
24 St Mark the Evangelist
28 St Peter Chanel
29 St Catherine of Siena
2 St Athansius
3 St Philip and St James
14 St Matthias the Apostle
25 St Bede the Venerable
26 St Philip Neri
27 St Augustine
31 Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
1 St Justin
5 St Boniface
9 St Ephrem
11 St Barnabas the Apostle
13 St Anthony of Padua
24 The Birth of Saint John the Baptist
28 St Irenaeus
29 St Peter and St Paul, Apostles
3 St Thomas the Apostle
11 St Benedict
15 St Bonaventure
22 St Mary Magadalene
23 St Birgitta
24 St James the Apostle
26 St Anne and St Joachim
29 St Martha
31 St Ignatius of Loyola
4 St Jean‐Baptiste Vianney
6 Transfiguration of the Lord
8 St Dominic
10 St Lawrence
11 St Clare of Assisi
14 St Maximilian Mary Kolbe
15 Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
20 St Bernard of Clairvaux
24 St Bartholomew the Apostle
27 St Monica
28 St Augustine of Hippo
3 St Gregory the Great
8 Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary
13 St John Chrysostom
14 Triumph of the Holy Cross
21 St Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist
25 St Vincent de Paul
29 Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangels
30 St Jerome
4 St Francis of Assisi
9 St Denis
15 St Teresa
17 St Ignatius of Antioch
18 St Luke the Evangelist
28 St Simon and St Jude, Apostles
1 All Saints’ Day
2 All Souls’ Days
10 St Leo the Great
11 St Martin of Tours
16 St Margaret of Scotland
22 St Cecilia
23 St Clement I
25 St Catherine of Alexandria
30 St Andrew the Apostle, Patron Saint of Scotland
3 St Francis Xavier
4 St John Damascene
6 St Nicholas
7 St Ambrose
8 The Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
13 St Lucy of Syracuse
14 St John of the Cross
25 Nativity of the Lord, Christmas Day
26 St Stephen
27 St John, Apostle and Evangelist
28 The Holy Innocents
29 St Thomas Becket
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