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Timing & date names

21st March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment

The timing of a birth has always been seen as significant in naming. Cultures around the world have traditions of naming a baby according to the time of day, the weekday, the month, the season or even the weather during which the birth takes place.

Here are some of the names inspired by the timing of the birth…

Names for Girls born at dawn

Name Origin Meaning
Aurore French dawn
Aurora Latin goddess of the dawn
Brigid Irish Celtic goddess of light
Danika Slavic morning star
Dawn English daybreak
Estelle, Stella French/Latin morning star
Gwawr Arabic dawn
Gwendydd Welsh morning star
Izora Arabic dawn
Lucy Latin light
Orianna, Orie Latin dawn
Roxanne Persian dawn
Sahar Arabic dawn, splendour of the east
Sara Hebrew bright as a dawn
Zara Hebrew dawn splendour
Zerlinda Hebrew beautiful dawn

Names for Boys born on a Sunday

Name Origin Meaning
Apollo Greek Sun god
Cyrus Persian like the Sun
Phoenix Greek rising Sun
Raphael Hebrew the angel of the Sun
Sampson Hebrew splendid Sun
Sol Latin Sun god
Sulwyn Welsh the fair Sun

Names from Christian Holy Days

Name Gender Origin Meaning
Anastasia Girl Russian resurrection, (given to girls born at Easter)
Carol Girl English free ; a Christmas carol
Caspar Boy Persian one of the Three Wise Men
Claus Boy Dutch another version of ‘Nicholas’
Christabel Girl English a beautiful Christian
Christian Boy Latin a follower of Christ
Christina Girl Latin a follower of Christ
Emanuel Boy Hebrew born on Epiphany (6th January)
Emmanuelle Girl Hebrew God is with us, born on Epiphany (6th January)
Hollis Boy Old English from the grove of holly trees
Holly Girl Old English the holly tree
Mary Girl Hebrew sacred virgin
Natan Boy Spanish Christmas
Natale Boy Old French Christmas
Natalie Girl French born at Christmas
Natasha Girl Russian born at Christmas
Natalina Girl Spanish Christmas
Nicola Girl Latin people’s victory; born at Christmas
Nicholas Boy Greek people’s victory; born at Christmas
Noël Boy Old French patron saint of Christmas
Girl Old French patron saint of Christmas
Pascal Boy Latin born at Easter
Girl Russian born at Christmas
Boy English born at Christmas
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