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Virgo boys names

22nd March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment
Symbol: The Virgin: pure, young, chaste
Planet: Mercury: intellect, healing and medicine
Timing: Wednesday, late summer: months of August and September
Element: Earth: harvest, industry and craftsmanship, perfectionist
Quality: Mutable: adaptable, can change easily
Traits: Humility, service, industrious, skilled, devotion to God
Appearance: Slender, young, brown-haired
Other links: Farming, metalworking; self-sacrifice

Names for Virgo Boys

Name Origin Meaning
Abdiel Hebrew God’s servant
Aled Welsh son
Auburn Middle English golden brown
Barnaby Barney
Hebrew a son of consolation
Benedict Latin blessed son
Hebrew the son of the South
Bronson Old English the son of the brown-haired one
Bruno Teutonic brown
Burnell Old French the brown one
Old French/ Irish Gaelic a clerk or scholar, learned man
Curtis Old French courteous
Delroy Old French son or servant of the king
Demetrius Greek from Demeter, goddess of the harvest
Donovan Irish Gaelic dark-brown
Dunham Celtic a brown man
Teutonic serious, earnest
Ellar Scottish Gaelic a steward
English/French the Lord is my God
Teutonic industrious, striving
Eustace Greek fruitful harvest; steadfast
Ezra Hebrew the helper
Fabron French a little blacksmith
Gabriel Hebrew my strength is God
Galen Greek healer, helper
Teutonic a spear servant
Gilchrist Gaelic the servant of Christ
Gower Celtic pure
Heilyn Welsh a steward
Hogan Irish Gaelic a youth
Hugh, Hugo Teutonic thinker
Jason Greek, healer
Josiah Hebrew God heals
Lancelot/Lance Old French lance servant,he who serves
Lindsay Scottish of gentle speech
Mahir Hebrew industrious
Malise Scottish Gaelic servant of God
Marshall Teutonic a steward
Mason Old French worker in stone
Milton Old English mill keeper
Nevin Irish Gaelic the servant of the saints
Latin small, humble, honest
Raphael Hebrew God has healed
Reeve Old English a steward
Revie Hebrew Wednesday
Seth Hebrew appointed
Sheehan Irish Gaelic courteous, peaceful
Old English steward
Swain Old Norse youth in service
Thane Old English servant,soldier
Theophilus Greek loved by God
Tobias Hebrew God is good
Trevor Welsh prudent, discreet
Truman Old English faithful man
Vaughan Welsh small, modest
Webster Old English he who weaves
Zelig Jewish blessed
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