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7 Things Brides Really Need to Know but are Afraid to Ask

18th January 2016 |By | Be the first to comment

Are there some things you’re just not sure about, but don’t know who to ask? Embarrassing questions like how to go to the loo in a wedding dress or how to avoid sweat patches on your big day. Don’t worry, here are answers to the 7 most common things brides really need to know and some great tried and tested tips.

1. How do I go to the loo in a ball gown?

It’s something you don’t think of when trying on wedding dresses but once you climb into a full-skirted gown it can be a logistical nightmare  just to get into a toilet cubicle, let alone have a wee! Don’t worry though, this is what chief bridesmaids are for!

Here are your options:

1. Lift the skirt and hold it carefully out of the way, asking your bridesmaid to hold any of the remaining material if necessary. If it took you ages to even get into the cubicle you may want to consider going for options 2 or 3…

2. Ask your bridesmaid to bring a black bin liner in a tiny bridal bag and together you can stuff the swathes of duchess satin into a protective covering leaving you free to wee, or…

3. If you’re brave you can try straddling the loo backwards like this bride in the photo below, holding up the front of your dress to allow the gown to hang down over the back, having made sure the floor was clean and dry before going in.

Top tip: Always go for the disabled loo – there’s more space and it’s usually big enough for two.

Alternatively, consider wearing a smaller dress!

Bride on the toilet images courtesy of Pinterest |

From left: images courtesy of Pinterest and bride and groom toilet paper roll by Confetti

2. How can I control my nerves on my wedding day?

Nerves are a very common problem for brides and grooms-to-be and something no one really talks about until the day. Try not to worry, keeping your cool is possible, even if you don’t like being the centre of attention. Depending on how nervous you are, there are several things you can do to stay calm. If you’re only slightly worried then some deep breaths, counting slowly to four as you inhale and slowly to four as you exhale, will, for most people, be just enough to get you through the ceremony. Practising yoga or breathing for relaxation in the weeks before the wedding will also help a great deal. Have a drink for Dutch courage by all means but be careful not to drink too much!

Over the counter herbal remedies help a lot of people so try these as they might work for you too. However if your level of anxiety is one that is going to need more help then discuss your anxiety with your doctor who may be able to prescribe something for the day.

3. How do I avoid sweat patches in my bridal gown?

If you’re worried about nervous sweat patches on your wedding day then, for medium to heavy perspiration, invest in some Mitchum or for heavy perspiration problems, try Driclor. If you still have a problem with excessive perspiration please visit your doctor to discuss prescribed alternatives.

4. How can I stop myself from crying on my wedding day?

It’s a highly emotional day and so it’s good to know that, if you do feel weepy as you take your vows, your tears won’t ruin your perfect make up. A professional make up artist is likely to apply waterproof mascara but if you’re doing your own make up make sure you buy waterproof, just in case. And keep in mind that if you look upwards, your tear ducts won’t work and you can’t cry. So there’s another thing to stop worrying about.

5. Do we really need save the date cards or wedding favours?

You don’t have to have either but if you don’t, you will probably find you wish you had. If your wedding is a year or more ahead then Save the Date cards are a handy way to let close friends and family know when you’re tying the knot before you send invitations out. It stops important guests from booking their holidays or other events on the same day.

Wedding favours are one of those extras some couples decide to do without, but sometimes it’s the little touches that are the icing on the cake at weddings. Favours are your gift to each guest to thank them for coming to share your special day with you. Traditional favours of 5 sugared almonds symbolise health, happiness, wealth, fertility and long life. Modern and home-made favours have become more extremely popular in recent years and favour box kits you fill with sweet treats and use to decorate your reception, as seen below, are a lovely alternative to the traditional bonboniere at each place setting. You could even save money by making your favours work as table centrepiece and place cards in a unique way.

6. How can I get slimmer for my wedding?

Not every bride wants to be slimmer but we find that many do as the wedding can be a catalyst for anyone who has been meaning to lose a few pounds for some time. There are various diets and gym plans around and, while it’s a fact that eating less and moving more will certainly help, we recommend you consult your doctor before starting any weight loss or intensive fitness regime and aim to get fit gradually rather than trying anything drastic.

Keep in mind also that he proposed to you as you are now, so don’t feel pressured to lose weight, only do so if you really feel your health will benefit and consider starting a healthy eating and exercise regime with your fiance so you both get fit together.

You might just want to simply find ways of appearing slimmer rather than changing your shape. And there are several tricks we have gleaned from professional photographers, for instance how to stand so you will appear slimmer in photos. Find out more tried and tested tips from the experts in How to Look Good in Wedding Photos.

7. Do I really need to take out wedding insurance?

Yes, you really do. Insurance could be your most important spend and it’s really not that much. We recommend taking out wedding insurance as your wedding is likely to be the most expensive event you ever plan. Hopefully you won’t need to make a claim but it’s worth knowing that if you did you would not lose out.

So there you have it, the 7 most common things brides really need to know but are often too afraid to ask. If you have any other questions feel free to drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.

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