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8 Things to Avoid The Day Before Your Wedding

24th February 2016 |By | Be the first to comment

After months of planning, you want your wedding day to be perfect and for that reason there are a few things to avoid the day before your wedding! Take on board these points to avoid some easily made mistakes.

Making Any Extreme Changes to Your Hair

If you want to do something a little different with your hair before your wedding day such as dying or cutting it, the day before your wedding is not the time to start experimenting! It is recommended that you try out your new look about 6 months in advance giving you plenty of time to change it if it goes horribly wrong! Even a basic trim is recommended to be done a week before your wedding and a refresh of colour 10 days before.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol

I’m sure we don’t need to remind you how you feel after too much booze! We appreciate that you may want a glass or two of champagne to celebrate your wedding eve, but leave it at a couple and make sure you drink plenty of water between glasses. You have the whole of the next day to go crazy on the bubbly stuff so keep it modest the day before.

Fake Tanning

To ensure you get the perfect skin tone and don’t end up with your dress a delicate shade of tan, apply your fake tan 48 hours before the wedding, not the day before.

Going to Bed Too Late

We know it might be difficult to sleep with all the excitement, but endeavor to hit the sheets at a reasonable time. Even if your still awake, lying down in the dark will help rest the mind and body so that you are fresh for the next day.

Things to Avoid The Day Before Your Wedding |

Extreme Physical Activity

A bride should glide down the aisle, not be hobbling because of achy muscles or worst yet, a broken limb! Lets keep any extreme physical activity that could cause injury to a minimum the day before your wedding.


It can be tempting to top up your tan the day before your wedding, especially if you are getting married abroad, but the last thing you want is to burn, strap marks or sun stroke! However if you can’t bare the thought of missing a day out in the sun make sure you apply a high factor sunscreen, wear a hat and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

The Day Before Your Wedding |

Leave Everything to the Last Minute

The last thing you want to be doing the day before your wedding is panicking because there are still things to be sorted. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help from friends and family the week before the wedding to get any last minute things sorted, leaving you to do nothing but relax and pamper yourself the day before the wedding.

Using New Cosmetic Products You Haven’t Tried Out Before

Whilst you may never have had an allergic reaction to cosmetic before, don’t take the risk right before your wedding. Have a trial run of all the beauty products you intend to use (including make up, creams, oils, face washes etc) well in advance so that you can ensure you look nothing but radiant.

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Lucy has a degree in fashion design and 12 years experience in the fashion industry, including 3 and a half years as the manager of a bridal boutique. She loves to hear every little detail about a bride's wedding plans and it is no surprise that the first thing she wants to know is what they're wearing!

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