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8 Ways to Not Hate Your Own Wedding

17th September 2015 |By | Be the first to comment

8 ways to make sure you don't hate your own wedding |

With the popularity of using social media to plan your wedding and the sheer amount of choice and options available, it’s easy to begin to hate your own wedding. We’ve  heard from many brides over the years who lose momentum when wedding planning, whether it be due to a small budget or extended engagement. The truth is, with 50% of couples being engaged for at least a year or longer, it’s clear to see how planning can take its toll and become boring or frustrating. Follow these 8 ways to not hate your own wedding and stay positive about your upcoming nuptials!

1. Don’t Rush It

Wedding planning is a process. It’s a high-endurance marathon, not a 20 metre dash. Grasp this concept early, especially if you’re going to have a long engagement. The luxury of being engaged for longer than 6 months is that you can consider all the options and take your time when making your decisions. Of course, having loads of time can also play against you as you may find it difficult to make a decision if you’re concerned that another equally good option or opportunity looms on the horizon. Combat this by being organised, get a wedding planner, create a plan and stick to it!

2. Don’t Be a Bridezilla

Don't let your wedding turn you into a bridezilla!

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An amusing TV show it may be, but if you grow two heads and suddenly bitch and moan about every element of your special day going just so, you’ll quickly alienate yourself from your friends and family. You’ll find that they won’t want to be around you and will be fearful of even mentioning your wedding, afraid that you’ll lash out or throw a massive strop. Keep your toys in the pram and a level head on your shoulders. An extended engagement is a tough thing to weather; unnecessary outbursts won’t make it any easier.

3. Don’t Blow the Budget

Don't blow the budget during wedding planning!

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The first thing you should do after you say yes, is set a wedding budget. The second thing you should do, is stick to it. Drawing up rules for how much money you can spend on your big day may not be the most fun, but having a clear idea of how much cash you’ve got to work with from the onset is a lot more fun than dipping into your overdraft or going into debt. If maths isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry; we’ve done all the hard work with our free budget planner; simply pop your budget in and we’ll help you work out how much money to allocate to each element of your wedding.

4. Don’t Over-DIY It

While the DIY trend is strong, if you’re not naturally a craft guru, your wedding is not the time to get over familiar with a glue gun! Avoid the urge to DIY every element of your day. If you really want a handmade element, opt for something small and manageable. You’ll be spoilt for choice with our DIY gallery, take your pick and release your inner craft goddess.

Wedding DIY projects |

5.  Don’t Get Swindled

Don't be fooled into buying designer dresses online; this is a known wedding industry scam!

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Look, I’ll be frank here: when certain suppliers hear the word wedding, they get £ signs for eyes. In your search for suppliers to help make your big day special, be sure to choose valued suppliers with a good reputation. Browse our supplier directory for handpicked suppliers we are confident will give you value for money and a great experience. Whether you’re after photographers, cake makers, videographers or venues, you’ll find suppliers in your area that you can trust and rely on.

6. Don’t Let Family Takeover

Weddings tend to be huge family affairs in the UK and many of our brides report having meddlesome mothers and soon-to-be mother-in-laws! While they most likely have the best intentions, it can be difficult to plan your special day if they and other members of your family and your close friends are constantly chipping in and giving unsolicited and unhelpful advice. The bride-to-be who learns when and how to say no thank you with tact and firmness is a bride-to-be who won’t suffer unnecessarily with overbearing family whilst planning her wedding.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Open-Minded

It’s easy to make your mind up about your dream dress long before you ever set foot into a bridal boutique, but we urge you, don’t write off a style of dress, a material or any other element of your wedding day before giving it proper consideration. You may be surprised just how flattering a dress you thought you would hate actually looks on you! If we’ve learnt nothing from binge-watching Don’t Tell the Bride, it’s that sometimes, the dress we think we wouldn’t be caught dead in, is the most flattering.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Even the most organised, level-headed woman will need help planning her wedding. You won’t have to delegate every element and no one will blame you for keeping the truly important bits to yourself for planning, but things like running errands, collecting parcels and other menial tasks can and should be delegated to your fiance and your chief bridesmaid. Your wedding is a celebration, not a big project with a ticking deadline. Relax into the process, ask for help when you need it and don’t let the stress of planning get under your skin.

At the end of the day, your wedding will only be as stressful as you make it and you don’t have to hate it!

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