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Choosing Wedding Colours

16th July 2016 |By | Be the first to comment

Complementary or cleverly clashing, the colours you choose set the tone for your big day. Follow our simple formula and find out what else to consider when choosing your wedding colours.

Wedding Colour Schemes

Wedding colour schemes and themes are perhaps the most creative fun you will have when planning your wedding. Fom the outfits and flowers to the table decor, your wedding colour scheme will set the overall style of the day.

You could play it safe with simple ivory or go wild with daring or clashing shades. While you might think just opting for your favourite colour is the best way to choose your colour scheme. here’s what else we suggest you consider before making your decision:

1. Wedding Location

If you’re getting married on the beach against a backdrop of blue seas and white cliffs then your beach wedding style could be enhanced by using colours from your natural surroundings, or complementary shades. Blues and greens will look wonderful at a seaside location whereas a colour scheme of deep reds and burnt orange may look out of place.

2. Wedding Season

Autumn weddings, when the leaves are turning red and golden, is a perfect time for a wedding of warm colours and vibrant red and orange shades. The flowers in bloom during the time of season you wed might also influence your choice of wedding colours. For instance, bright yellow sunflowers will look beautifully apt at a sunny summer wedding, while deep red roses can look striking against a snowy white winter wedding. Find out more in Match Your Wedding Flowers to the Season. Don’t forget that flowers in season will be less expensive too.

3. Personal Style

It’s important to make sure your own unique personal style is reflected in your wedding, because if you’re a retro style rocker who lives in black then you may not look or feel like yourself in a long white gown. Don’t be afraid to have the colours you both want for your wedding and if that’s black then go for it!

Black wedding dress by Justin Alexander |

Image courtesy of Justin Alexander

4. Personal Colouring

If you’re still really stuck on which colours to choose for your wedding then it will help to consider your personal colouring and which colours and shades suit you best. If you’re a pale, freckly redheaded for instance, you might look a little washed out by a white dress and prefer to opt instead for a warmer ivory, a pastel green or even a red wedding dress.

5. Wedding Theme

Just as personal style will have an impact on the wedding colours you choose, so will your overall wedding theme such as Vintage, Classic, or the more unusual Industrial. If you’re considering having a winter wedding theme for instance, with white furs (not real fur, obviously!) then you might find pale blues and silver work well.

6. Availability of Accessories

When it comes down to it, thinking up the maddest and most unusual wedding colour scheme will not make your life easy! Before making a decision and starting to buy accessories, explore how widely available a choice of accessories in your chosen colours will be. You may find it much easier for instance, to plan a wedding based around blush pink and ivory than obscure shades of teal and scarlet. Try Shop by Colour to check what’s available in your chosen colours.

Wedding Colours Formula

With the right shades you can put almost any colour combination together and when it comes to weddings there’s a simple colour formula that works.


1. Your main colour, such as navy blue

2. A complementary or neutral colour, such as pale pink or ivory

3. An accent colour, for added interest, such as gold or silver

Make the main colour your base and tone it down with your chosen complementary colour or neutral shade. Large areas such as marquee walls, ceiling and table linens can be covered with the neutral colour while the main colour choice brings vibrancy and the accent colour is then used sparingly just to add an extra sparkle here and there.

Summer Wedding | and yellow Wanderlust wedding theme ideas |

Pastel wedding colours

Luxury pale pink ribbon favour box

Black and white monochrome ideas

A dramatic and contrasting monochrome wedding theme or a black-tie dress code makes for a very sophisticated wedding style. You could always add in flashes of colour with your shoes, the men’s ties or bridesmaids bouquets.

Find further inspiration and ideas in Articles and these wedding accessories and when you Shop by Colour.


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