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How to Get Your Man Involved in Planning Your Wedding

3rd December 2014 |By | Be the first to comment

Wedding planning can be a long and stressful process, and a job many brides believe is theirs alone. But, in our opinion two minds are better than one, which means getting your husband-to-be involved will take the pressure off of you and make the whole experience more enjoyable. Besides, you’re inviting your loved ones to see you both unite as a team why not show them what you’re capable of achieving when you work together. If you’re wondering how you can get your man involved in planning your wedding we have the secret… play to his strengths.

How to get your man involved in planning your weding

Is he good with numbers?

Make him the official Budget Planner. If your man can’t tell the difference between fuchsia pink and magenta, chances are he’s not going to be much help with picking the colour scheme. Instead steer him more to his comfort zone. If you know he loves his maths, or isn’t bad with a spreadsheet, get him to help you manage the budget. Someone keeping an eye on where the money is going will cut out the chances of any nasty surprises.

Groom good with numbers

Is he creative?

If on the other hand your man has a creative side give him the opportunity to work his magic by asking him to help with any wedding DIY projects. The wedding stationery is the perfect place to start. Ask him to design something that is unique and represents you both. Don’t just stop at the invitations; ask him to add a little touch of creativity to your favours and reception decor.

Is your man creative?

Is he poetic?

You know your man better than anyone else, and if you know he has a poetic side ask him to write his own vows. Even if this is the only contribution he makes, the romantic gesture is one that will stay with you for the rest of your lives. If you’ve already written your vows or are going down the traditional route, your man can still flaunt his poetic side by writing a verse or two for the Order of Service cards. Or get him started on those thank you cards so they don’t pile up after the wedding!

Can he negotiate?

Does he know how to haggle?  If your man has the skills to get you a good price then leave him to it. Ask him to work with the suppliers to get the best package for the price you can afford. He’ll have bragging rights and feel like he’s contributed without having to deal with any of the bits that might make him uncomfortable, like deciding whether your gown should be ivory or magnolia.

Can he negotiate

Is he a foodie?

If your man loves food, doesn’t matter if that’s fine dining or a trip to your local takeaway, get his input on the wedding breakfast menu. His comprehension of flavours and wine pairings will come in handy and it’ll mean you two can save a few quid by not having to consult an expert. Mr Right can also help you ensure you both choose a menu that reflects your tastes and is likely to be something your friends and family would want to eat as well. At the end of the day you’re sure to have one wedding breakfast your guests will enjoy.

Groom who loves his food


Does he love fashion?

If he’s better dressed than you are half the time, then leave the man be and let him choose his own I Do Day outfit. Send him to the shop with colour swatches and any important notes on the theme or style you’re aiming for and let him sort his and his groomsmen’s attire. Forcing him to wear something you’ve chosen could leave him feeling uncomfortable and unappreciated. How would you feel if he wanted 100% say in your dress?


Struggling to relinquish control?

We women spend years dreaming up our perfect W Day and the very thought of relinquising some of that control can be hard to swallow. If you’re struggling to spread the planning duties, it’s okay. Just make sure you’re not taking on too much and that you’re not stressing yourself out trying to tick off all the items on your bridal bucket list. If you want to go it alone, just remember:

  • Your guys is there to help and chances are, he’d be willing to accompany you to an appointment or even take on some of the tasks if you just asked. So if/when you need help, speak up about it!
  • The organised bride is the successful bride. Make lists, colour code tasks; leave no detail overlooked. Then, divide your duties into bite-sized chunks and do what you can when you can. The rest will fall into place.
  • Even if you don’t ask Mr Right for his help, he might have opinions he wants to share. Remember, it’s his wedding too and he should have some say in how things go down. If  he’s dead set against the idea of having your guests toss confetti whilst trumpeters herald your exit whilst doves are released, then listen to him. There’ll be features you can do without; now’s a good time to practice the art of compromise!

How to get your groom involved in planning your wedding

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Sahdia Qayyum has over six years experience in the wedding industry as a planner and designer; she has a clear vision of what brides are looking for.

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