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Your Post-Wedding Legal ‘To Do’ List

16th December 2012 |By | Be the first to comment

Dry clean the dress – check. Return groom’s tux – check. Send ‘thank you’ cards – check. There’s a number of checklists that help you get on top of all the things you need to do after tying the knot. While these help you get organised when the excitement of the wedding is over, there are a few more important matters you should think about now that your legal status has changed.


Because none of these items on the legal ‘to do’ list are immediately pressing, they tend to be sent to the back of mind and often take a couple years to get around to, but there are massive benefits of getting on top of these matters immediately after your wedding. Couples who push back legal matters often have it weighing on their mind for years, which can make the job seem much bigger that it really is. In worst case scenario, they find themselves wishing they had attended to these in case of an unfortunate life event. Newlyweds often have some free time immediately after their wedding once all the events have come to an end, so it really is the perfect time to consolidate, plan and organize your future together.

Change names

Many brides intend to change names, but put it off because they believe it is time consuming and difficult. Not anymore! Confetti now offers personalized Confetti Name Change kit that take care of all your paperwork. In many instances, you just sign your old and new names on our personalized letters or faxes and send!

Make a will

Any existing wills held by the bride or groom become invalid once you are married. The surviving spouse is usually the beneficiary in the absence of a will, however it costs a large chunk of money to have the state  oversee the allocation of assets.  A will ensures that your spouse is cared for and your family is aware of any other provisions you care to make, and also keeps the state out of your affairs so there are less administrative costs. If you have children it is even more important you create or update your will as soon as possible. You should provide clear instructions for the care of you children should you both pass away. Make your wishes known among family.

Buy life and disability insurance

You’re young, happy and in love, so it stands to reason that retirement and death are not much of a consideration. But with marriage comes a responsibility to care for your spouse, and what if something was to happen where you could no longer provide for your partner? Accidents and unexpected sickness can happen at any stage of someone’s life, and having insurance will take away a massive burden for your partner, especially if you have a mortgage, children or are planning a family. If you have no assets or children you may want a modest policy that means a surviving spouse doesn’t have to work for a year or two. If you have a mortgage it’s a good idea to get a policy that covers all debts. And if you have children you should cover the cost of raising them until they finish schooling, or perhaps increase your policy a little so that your children have access to money when they come of age.

Consolidate insurance policies

Marriage is a major life change, and with it often comes a new or upgraded house or car. Large capital purchases require new insurance policies. As you are now husband and wife, you can also be put on the same policy. There may be savings in bringing many policies together with one insurer, or it could just be a good time to shop around for a better deal.

Make a budget for the future

One of the highest financial priorities for a newlywed couple may be to buy a house, upgrade or renovate the existing property, or buy a family car, this may come at a similar time to the arrival of a new baby. If you’re a Double-Income-No-Kids couple you will never again have the ability to save as much money as you do right now. If you don’t sit down and make a budget early on in your relationship, chances are you may feel a twang of disappointment of lost opportunity.

While these matters may not seem like fun, getting them done sooner rather than later will provide peace of mind that your new family is ready for the future, whatever challenges life may throw your way.

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