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Are you finding it difficult to plan your guest list?

15th September 2006 |By | Be the first to comment

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Weddings can be an expensive business, especially when you feel pressured to invite hundreds of guests. So, how do you keep your guest list to a reasonable number without potentially offending people?
Play fair if you decide you’re not going to invite children, or not going to invite friends’ boyfriends and girlfriends if you’ve never met them, make sure you carry the ‘rule’ throughout your guest list. Not inviting children is fine, but people are likely to be offended if their children aren’t invited and someone else’s are. Equally, if you’re not inviting first cousins from one side of the family, then you shouldn’t invite them from the other.

Explain your decisions if you’re concerned about offending anyone, you may feel the need to explain your decisions. Your explanation might be that you’re just inviting close friends and family, or that you’re restricted to a tight budget. If you’re not inviting any children, explain that you’ve decided to have an ‘adult’ only wedding, that you can only invite children who are part of your family, or that the venue isn’t suitable for young children. People appreciate honesty and openness.

Celebrate post-honeymoon if you’re having a relatively small wedding, celebrate with those you weren’t able to invite at a party when you get back from honeymoon. This can be a simple drinks party at your home or in a local venue so won’t have the same cost as inviting extra guests to your wedding, and it’s also something for you to look forward to when you get back to reality!

Still fed up? You’re never going to keep everyone happy – someone’s nose will always be put out of joint because they’ve had to leave little baby Molly at home, or great great auntie Maud wasn’t on the list. If you’ve been fair, you have nothing to worry about, and true friends will completely understand.

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