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Unusual Wedding Ceremony Ideas

20th June 2016 |By | 1 Comment

Make sure your ceremony is extra special and unique with some of these unusual wedding ceremony ideas, from the beautiful red rose ceremony to the unity sand ceremony, and even having your pets there!

Bring Your Pets

Do you have a furry little friend who you’d like to have at your wedding? Well feel free to include them in your wedding ceremony. There are so many ways to include your bundle of fur, carrying the rings, giving the bride away or even being a bridesmaid or groomsman.

We even sell wedding attire for dogs so that your best friend can feel like a real member of the wedding party! A smart tuxedo or a lovely “Best Pet” bow will make for some cute wedding pictures! Just make sure that your dog is well behaved and won’t end up having a poop on the aisle!

Make a First Fight Box

Every relationship goes through rough patches; the best ones make it through these storms easily. One way to make sure that the rain turns into a rainbow is to create a first fight box. Simply fill a box with well wishes, a letter to your future selves and important items from the big day. The box is then opened after your first fight to remind you that you love each other and the fight wasn’t worth it.

Couple making a first fight box |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Your wedding day is probably the biggest day of love that you’re going to have, so reliving the feelings and memories of the day will help. By filling and sealing the box at the ceremony your guests will have a chance to help you fill it up. Having the lovely couple nailing the box closed also a great way to end a ceremony.

Sand Ceremony

This is truly the perfect ceremony for a beach or summer wedding. A sand ceremony has both you and your partner combine different coloured sands in a beautiful personalised vase. For couples that already have children, they can feel involved by adding their own sand into the vase, showing the family coming together.

With 28 different colours of sand to choose from there are so many different combinations you can have (378 to be exact). This means that you and your party can pick your favourite colours and blend together. At the end of the day you have a beautiful memento from the big day, just make sure you don’t knock it over!

Have a Handfasting

Looking for something unique and out in the fresh air? Well a handfasting is for you! These ceremonies have been happening across Britain for at least 9000 years and have a strong connection to the earth and nature. The service itself involves the couple’s hands and wrist being tied together, giving the name handfasting. The cloth ribbons then remain on their wrists until after the big day itself, but I’m sure you won’t mind holding your partner’s hand all day.

Handfasting |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

The ceremony focuses heavily on the ties that we have to the earth; pagan goddesses and deities can take a centre stage and bless your lives together. While you may not believe in this it certainly makes for a fantastic and memorable event! Sadly this is not a legal ceremony and will need you to go to a registry office, but that means that it can take place anywhere you like!

Red Rose Ceremony

Roses have always been a symbol of love, passion and devotion; these are themes that fit in with any wedding. The rose ceremony includes all of your guests; they can all add a rose to the vase and leave their well wishes to the flowers. You and your partner add your roses to the vase and I strongly recommend using roses that are different colours to your guest so that they stand out.

If roses aren’t your thing you can use any flowers you like! This ceremony can be adapted and changed to fit your colour theme and tastes. After the big day you will have a beautiful bouquet to keep.

Pick a Special Song

There are certain songs that are a tad over played at weddings, there’s only so many times you can hear the Wedding March. Remember that it’s your big day and you can pick absolutely any song that you like! This seems like a very small thing, but it really does set the entire mood and theme of the day.

You should pick a song that is special to both you and your partner. Maybe you have “your song” or the song that played at your first date. A song that means something to you will have more of an impact on you than a typical orchestral song.

For even more wedding ceremony inspiration check out Aisle Perfect Wedding Inspiration.

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  1. jessy

    Pets are fun !..i would stay away from the hammer though, you dont want to deal with any injuries 🙂

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