I want to be a bronzed bride

I am getting married in 10 days and want to get a spray tan to get a natural bronzed look. I do not want to be orange and overly brown. I don’t do sunbeds as they damaged my skin on my back, so have never used them since.

I have been recommended St.Tropez, but is this the best? Another tanning salon has recommended SpraySun, as it’s less orange to St.Tropez. Or do you have other makes that you would recommend?


I have booked two different salons for this Friday as a trial and need to know which one to go with. I am then wanting to do another one next Thursday before the wedding.

Can you recommend which is the best one and what you would suggest? Does it also come off on your dress or is that just rubbish? I am also booking in to do waxing stuff next thursday.

Is it not sensible to do on the same day as spray tan?

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