Does anyone feel overwhelmed by the financial side of the wedding?

Does anyone feel completely consumed and overwhelmed by the financial side of the wedding? I know weddings can cost as little or as much as you’d like them too, but each month that passes something new seems to crop up that eats away at our savings whether it be car trouble, a birthday, Christmas etc and I just feel like we’ll never manage it. I try and account for everything when budgeting but with each passing month I feel more and more down about it. I guess what I’m asking is does anyone else feel the same? And if so how do you cope. I’ve tried talking to my partner but he’s very laid back, also tried talking to family/friends and I’m just told “well that’s life, it’ll all be fine”. I know everyone has their own financial burden but every time I think about money or trying to save I feel a sense of panic and I can’t focus. It keeps me up late at night.


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