Bidding Prayers for Wedding Help

I need to send all my choices to the priest asap so he can confirm they are alright (and so i can get on a make my order of services!) and I thought i’d done my bidding prayers and went over them over with my nan and she was like oh they’re not very you – so she has worked on them and she has made them quite religious (well each one mentions God (the first one starts – Almighty God)) – now I know we are getting married in a church and that is really important to us but the whole day is quite laid back and floaty like – for eg – we are having Give me joy in my heart (sing hossana) and Lord of the dance for our hymns both quite fun songs and hoping to have “The Art of Marriage” as one of our readings. And the bidding prayers we had before were quite relaxed but about love etc and like i said my nan’s are just full on and we’re not like that! So she is going to have another think! I get what she was saying about them not being very us – I did steal them from the book the priest gave us to look through or other order of services!!

So I wanted to see if any of you have done these or had any ideas! Ideally i’d like them to be about us (the bride and groom) then our families, then everyone whose come and then those who have past away and also those who just can’t be there. but my brain just won’t work and other’s i’ve seen online have been really religious too!!


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