We had to cancel at the beginning of the year due to family problems

Hi there so I’m a little bit stressed my partner and I have been engaged for over 3 years and where supposed to get married in June but we had to cancel at the beginning of the year due to family problems. We both don’t come from the best of families and don’t have much of a support network at all, I’ve struggled with really bad depression due to all of this and we also have 2 young girls at home. It seems nothing we do is ever good enough no matter what we do and we are always having to put our plans on hold for everyone else. Of course I’ve always dreamed of a bigger wedding with all the family from both sides there but more recently I’m beginning to think this will never happen and to be honest I’m not so sure it’s what I want anymore as I just want to be married now and feel like it shouldn’t really matter who’s there to see us as I just want to make the commitment to my partner and show our girls what a good relationship is based on. My h2b is all for us just going away and doing it and more so now especially due to recent events for example my older sister attacking me in front of my girls I feel like not only do I no longer need them or want them in my life but I’m also trying to set an example to both my girls and want them to know that it’s not okay to be treated like that by others but also not to treat others that way, anyway I’m happy with the idea of my own little family just going away and doing it but I’m also worried that in years to come I’ll wish I’d done it properly, we’ve never been able to do anything as an occasion for example the birth of our girls or the christening of our girls as putting it as it is no one cared but I’m also worried that by going away and doing it will just be used an another excuse for the family members to cause more drama and more fights. Has anyone else been in any similar situations I’d love to know how you’ve handled it my health is just getting worse and I’m just trying to build a strong happy foundation for my girls something that both myself and my partner have never had


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