Choosing an appropriate wedding venue

Hello, I’m recently engaged and me and my fiancé are undecided about where to get married. We both love the idea of going to Vegas and getting married, but we’re worried about whether or not our friends and family would be happy to travel all that way and spend money doing so. We both know that we don’t want a traditional wedding and would love something quite quirky and unique to suit us both. We also want a wedding that is fairly intimate and small and that isn’t going to cost us lots of money.
I have a few questions please…have any of you got married in Vegas or are you planning to get married over there? If so, did you use a certain provider to arrange the wedding or did you arrange it yourself? Secondly, does anyone know of any quirky venues in the U.K. that would cater to what we’re looking for please? We really like the idea of getting married on a beach if we have our wedding over here, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 🙂 (sorry it’s such a long question) thank you so much in advance


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