How do I cope with wedding planning stress?

My fiance and I have only been wedding planning for two months and already I’m fed up with the whole thing. At first our families were both really supportive and told us to do whatever we wanted, but more recently his family in particular have become a bit more pushy about what they think we should and shouldn’t have. I really don’t want a large wedding, but appreciate he has a big family so was willing to increase guest numbers to accommodate them. But it’s all starting to get a bit out of hand, and now I feel more like an ornament than a person – I’m going to be on show and it’s all for other people than about me and my fiance. It should be intimate and personal, not like the royal wedding!

I’m now really fed up with the entire thing and I’m beginning to wish we had just eloped or something. Every single decision is so stressful and every decision we come to always seems to disadvantage someone from his side. I’ve completely lost all excitement about my own wedding, and I can’t get it back. Any ideas on how to deal with this and start enjoying this again?


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