How do I make my dad actually want to be involved?

My dad has shown no involvement or interest in our wedding since we announced our engagement in February 2011. I’ve asked him to contact me weekly just to show interest. I’ve reassured him that it’s not about the money and that we are saving as much as we can and don’t need his money. I’ve tried involving him with the invitations, coming down to see the venue. I’ve even given him a list of to-do’s when I asked him to research father of the bride duties; to which his response was I think I’ve seen that movie once. He has had some ridiculous suggestions such as making all guests pay £100 to attend our wedding and referring to the wedding as an event. He has it set that he’ll be doing a speech and walking me down the aisle but with only 4 months to go, I’d much rather he did neither and my uncle has been there more than him and has met my fiancé more than twice. Am I being unreasonable towards my father who I haven’t seen since November 2012 and can I tell him I don’t want him to walk me down the aisle or do a speech?


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