How do I pick a wedding venue?

We have looked at 10 venues now and are still no closer to finding ‘the one’ and it is really upsetting me. I know my partner is getting annoyed now as the ones we are looking at are within our budget but it is always me with the problem whether it is too small, too big, the decor is wrong etc. I just don’t know. I have done so many searches and just feel like I am deflated, worn out and that it just won’t happen. What am I doing wrong? Am I restricting myself by saying we won’t travel more than an hour? Am I going in all wrong with my guest list numbers and then picturing it being too small?

How did you pick your venue? How did you decide on your venue or was that not the most important thing to you? I feel like it is the biggest things and feel as though I will get it wrong. As in, we are looking at places that mean something to us, looking at photo opportunities, etc, and I just feel I’m failing already and supposed to be this super organised bride who knows what she wants. I just want a separate ceremony and reception room for the neal and lovely gardens for good photos. Please share any tips on how to decide and why I can’t. Thank you in advance.

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