What do I do? My h2b has uninvited my sister to the wedding

What do I do?! Meant to be getting married next year abroad, but my h2b has now uninvited my sister to the wedding. This all because I told her she is not being a bridesmaid, or her kids doing anything, but my other sister is and her twins and she ended up screaming down the phone at me while I was sat on a plane waiting to come home which made me really upset so that’s why h2b said she can’t come after what she did. He’s never liked her, she’s not really liked him either. They have been civil to each other in the 4.5 years together at family gatherings but she always such a drama queen and over the top. Has to be in control of all family things and if not gets moody. She wasn’t coming to the wedding as it’s going to cost £5.5k for her family but then suddenly she said she was and even I was ah ok it’s a lot of money it’s ok and hoping she didn’t try and be a drama queen. H2b is worried she’ll wreck the wedding so that’s why he doesn’t want her there. I’ve met my sister and spoken to her and expressed my concerns also about her being over the top and controlling and that once she has a drink that’s it. She’s tried to say her and her hubby don’t drink much anymore but that has back fired at her. At her daughter’s rugby my sister’s hubby got very drunk and my sister’s always posting that they are drinking out but she says they don’t!! She’s nearly 40 with 3 kids and acts like a 15 year old!! I’ve not really spoken to my h2b in 2 weeks due to all this and don’t know what to do now. Have a wedding without my sister there and her family and end up having a family row or not marry him and move on and my family will be be happy.


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