What I thought I needed and what I found instead

I hope this okay it’s not a question it is my story that I hope encourages other brides to enjoy their own story. I patiently waited 9 loonnngg years for my h2b to propose in that time I gave up any hope of it ever happening and honestly so did everyone else. When it finally was my turn it was probably the most highly anticipated but biggest let down proposal ever it was terrible I actually cried that I waited so long and that was all the effort I got I was defeated. I didn’t care to even plan however, 7 months later and all these big wedding details have fallen perfectly into my lap my h2b will now just casually mention details he knows I’ll eventually ask with the enthusiasm I’d always hoped for and as it turns out waiting so long makes everyone around you beyond excited to witness your wedding journey and help be a part of it. Point I’m hoping to make is my wedding journey had a sketchy start it was source of frustration for me but with that terrible start I have now found all these beautiful things happening in return. Will your wedding be detail perfect: nope Will you realize just how terrible your close friends were: yep Will you have the most amazing day ever despite those annoyances: depends, sometimes when you give up on perfection you will see how perfect it was anyways. Give those nasty bridesmaids the boot you’ll probably be happier, talk to your future mil chances are she is pretty awesome and will help you get everything you want, don’t hope for your story to go exactly as you always thought (trust me here) you are not a fortune teller you do what makes you feel good and watch how it falls in place. Congratulations to all the beautiful brides to be take a deep breath your day and life will be perfect in ways you never realized. From a fellow who almost gave it all up for reasons I now see weren’t important at all just another part of my imperfectly perfect story.


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