Should we invite my h2b’s stepmother?

We are getting married in November and paying for it ourselves. We have decided for numerous reasons to have a very small ceremony and dinner then invite everyone else down for celebratory drinks. H2B parents are not on speaking terms and his dad is remarried to a woman involved in the break up of their marriage. We have decided to save any stress/upset not to invite my h2b’s stepmother to the ceremony,evening only. To keep it immediate family only. Is this wrong? I get on well with MIL2B and stepMIL2B and would love to have them all there but MIL does not want her there and being very vocal about it. MIL travels weekly to help mind our child and also has helped us out financially in the past and my H2B loyalties lie with his mum. It’s a very difficult situation. I worry H2B dad won’t come and will cause more of a rift in the family. I wish we had just eloped only I’m very close to my family and wanted them there. Any advice appreciated. Thanks x


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