Overbearing Mother-in-law

I am getting married in just over a year and am being torn between my family my fiance’s.

I have a very small family of just 5 people with no extended family at all where as my fiance has a very large family and quite an overbearing mother. She has no daughters and is insisting that she be involved in every part of our wedding including choosing my wedding dress with me.


She has two other sons who’s wives did not include her and keeps telling me that is is my duty to involve her. On the other side, my mum does not seem to want to be as involved or excited about the wedding as I would like her to be and I can’t help but feel it is as a result of my future mother in laws requests.

My parents are not too keen on my future in laws and I am very worried about them feeling uncomfortable on my wedding day.

What can I do to keep things calm between families?

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