Suits you sir?

All the male members of our wedding party will be wearing the same hired suits apart from the groom who is wearing a different jacket.

My father was fine about wearing a hired suit so we put the deposits down. Eventually my dad went to get measured up. We agreed that he didn’t have to wear a cravat like the others but could wear a tie.


Three weeks later, my mum now tells me that they have gone out bought my dad a suit as he thinks that he was railroaded into the hired suit and that as the bridegroom is looking different – as the father of the bride he should be able to too.

This now means that I do not have anyone from my family wearing a dress suit and my fiance has seven people form his side who are! As you can imagine, I am extremely upset about this, especially since the way my mum described what he has brought makes the suit sound no different from what we have chosen!

What should I do? Im so upset with my father!

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