Venue asking for £2,500 to allow us to move wedding date

Hi, I’ve just found out I’m pregnant – very early stages but due the day before we get married! Obviously I know that doesn’t mean baby will be born on that exact day but I would be more happy moving the wedding until after baby is born / the year after. I don’t want to rush into anything as want to ensure that everything is okay at my 12 week scan – which will not be for another 6-8 weeks but I wanted to find out from the venue what they could do. So, they have said they can move the date but we have got to pay £2,500 (our deposit again) as they are losing money out on the previous date we had. I have explained that they aren’t losing out we are just moving our date and I’m happy to pay a good will gesture but £2,500 is not plausible for us. Can I have any advice at all as I’m getting really stressed out! Thank you.


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