On my wedding day I don’t want people to look at me as the hairy bride…

Hi, this is an embarrassing subject but I know there are other brides out there who may be in a similar situation and so I feel my question is one that may help others too. I have pcos and therefore unwanted hair. I hate it but I cope normally. On my wedding day I don’t want people to look at me as the hairy bride. I’m debating threading my upper lip for the first time a week before the wedding. Has anyone else done this with pcos and as it’s my first time will it grow back normally or will it grow back thicker because of the increase in hormones you get with pcos. I felt a week is long enough in case there is a reaction and I doubt the hair would have grown again in a week. I didn’t want to start it early as I know the constant hair removal overtime can make it worse for people with my condition so I wanted to do it as a one time only thing. Please help me as I feel there is no one I can talk to and female hair is a subject that can be common but open to ridicule and is. never spoken about. Hope the other answer helps other ladies too.


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